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12.31.11 Community Events has been updated for the last time this year!

12.30.11 Paul Givens and Vanessa Flieg wanted on outstanding warrants

12.28.11 Assault in Dinsmore leads to prison escapee arrest

Christopher Mell wanted after pursuit on Hwy 101 ending in Loleta

Robbery at a business on W. Harris St. Eureka

12.24.11 Harsh political reality halts weather studies despite extreme year - New York Times Ideologues bury their heads in the sand despite unprecedented weather events around the world, deny funding research that could save lives. Claim Mother Nature has a liberal bias.

12.22.11 Heroin deal busted at Bear River Casino

Benjamin Keath North wanted for theft, stolen credit cards

Former convent employee charged with embezzling from Catholic Nuns

12.21.11 Shots fired into home on E St.

Multiple local reports of attempted theft/extortion by fraud

Gregory Fitzgerald and Michael Stockhoff are wanted suspects

Two gang members plead guilty to methamphetamine sales after federal sting operation

Two Mexican citizens sentenced for manufacturing fake identification

Parolee at large Larry Shawn Johnson arrested after tip

Hawaiian real estate developer found guilty of blackmail, conspiracy to defraud

12.20.11 City Council Meeting tonight 6:30pm Full Agenda Packet

12.19.11 Blue Lake mini-mart robbed

Multiple arrests related to marijuana investigation in Dinsmore, McKinleyville and Fortuna

Judge questions why police chief isn't facing corruption charges - Los Angeles Times

12.17.11 Free samples lead to drug sales arrest in Fernbridge

Sopa victory for tech community as US House committee ajourns without a vote - Guardian This is a critical issue to the future of the internet and censorship that will affect everyone whether they know it or not.

Bridgeville pot grower pleads guilty, gets community service and fine - Times Standard Thomas Morgan aka Taco to pay $40,000 fine to stay out of jail. **The Times Standard online has changed to a pay service.

Rio Dell City Council Meeting Tues. 6:30pm (agenda coming). The city will begin the process of evaluating a city-wide bond measure for street improvements

12.16.11 Benjamin North wanted for burglary in Scotia, using stolen credit card

Tenants forced to relocate after building department ignores blatent violations - Los Angeles Times Fraud in the building department puts renters at risk while looking the other way on safety hazards.

12.15.11 Holiday pet safety tips

Jason Moore pleads guilty to conspiracy to file false claims

Man sentenced to prison for smuggling exotic angelfish

Missing person Mary Mallatt found safe

12.14.11 Robbery in Fields Landing

Missing person Mary Mallatt, last seen in Eureka earlier today

Attorney sentenced to 24 months in jail for wire fraud, tax evasion

12.13.11 Burglary on Glendale Dr.

EPD pursues stolen vehicle, driver Ian Treadwell in custody

12.9.11 Jack Benjamin Parvis arrested for marijuana grow operation in Hydesville

12.8.11 Automatic weapons at the river bar near Ferndale lead to multiple arrests

Former Fry's executive sentenced to six years for million dollar kickback scheme

12.7.11 John Cochran arrested after walking off work crew

Robert Mabry arrested on multiple charges with more charges pending

Transient camp sweep along Broadway

12.6.11 HCSO reports crime tip success resulting in arrests

Lighting distributor charged with $1.6 million in false billing and wire fraud

John Edwin Cochran walks off work crew detail

Husband-wife team charged with sex trafficking of teenagers

Maintenance of county property press release

12.4.11 City Council meeting Tuesday Dec. 6th 6:30pm with a public study session at 5:30pm to interview candidates for the planning commission; Nick Angeloff & Billy Joe Long. The agenda includes approval of revised flag lot ordinances and more...

Best health care system? Not in the USA, despite constant spin to make us believe it - PRWatch We rank 28th in life expectancy (just below Chile) while paying the most for healthcare of any developed nation.

12.3.11 The new cyber-industrial complex spying on us - The Guardian

De-coding the payroll-tax cut: how well does it work? - ProPublica This group is an excellent source of non-partisan investigative journalism with source documents and references always cited

12.2.11 Andrew Sheid arrested for burglary at Garberville post office

Five gang members sentenced to life in prison

Forrest Beeman pleads guilty to drug and weapons charges

Mark Anthony Nelson pleads guilty to shooting into an occupied vehicle


11.29.11 Chad Macias arrested for animal shelter burglary

Parolee Michael Cady arrested for weapons and drug charges

MS-13 gang leader, Danilo Velasquez aka 'Triste,' convicted of racketeering

11.28.11 Jack Kyle Daniels arrested for drug sales in Eureka

Family injured in home invasion robbery in Garberville

Hussain Munassar Obad arrested for home-invasion robbery in Benbow

Chad Macias wanted for animal shelter burglary

11.27.11 The 11.22.11 Special Meeting is Online! The council approved the option agreement which now goes to the property owner for their consideration.

11.26.11 Wal-mart uses initiative process to bully communities - California Watch Communities that have resisted Wal-mart stores (such as Eureka) are being forced to accept them or pay for expensive special elections throughout California. The process allows Wal-mart to circumvent environmental laws (CEQA) and city council approval.

11.24.11 Happy Thanksgiving!

Drugs used for psychotics go to youths in foster care - New York Times

11.22.11 $$$ Rio Dell Plaza Option Agreement $$$ City Council votes 5-0 to approve the option agreement at $6,000 for six months with a purchase offer of $975,000. The agreement now goes to the property owner for their consideration.

Occupy Eureka arrests

Richard Garnett arrested for assault

Home invasion robbery

Wanted suspect Robert Mabry of Hoopa

Tip line

11.19.11 Special meeting Tuesday 5:30pm to vote on the option agreement for the Rio Dell Plaza project. The option agreement is not yet available online.

11.18.11 Former owner of Redwood Motorsports ordered to pay $100,000 for illegal dumping

Humboldt County Superior Court offers fine amnesty program

Missing brothers Jason & Brian Balke found safe after getting lost picking mushrooms

Local phone scam reported; facebook pages providing personal information used to scam victims

Northern District of California recovers more than $345 million in debt owed to taxpayers

Local residents have reported receiving phone calls from people identifying themselves as being with “Windows” or “Microsoft” and informing the person that their computer has a virus that can’t be removed by local computer shops.  They are told to connect to some type of remote server in order to remove the virus which is, of course, a scam.  If you receive a call similar to this then please contact local law enforcement. Do not provide any personal information to unsolicited calls!

11.17.11 Wesley Lavern Evans arrested in Rio Dell for stolen property and drugs

Three arrested for oxycodone trafficking; $235,524 cash seized

Exporter pleads guilty to selling sensitive technology to China

11.16.11 The 11.15.11 city council meeting is online! A vote on the option agreement for the Rio Dell Plaza proposal is postponed to a special meeting next Tuesday at 5:30pm. The city has promised to post the option agreement for the public prior to its approval. We will post it here once it becomes available.

Former council members seek dismissal of corruption charges - Los Angeles Times

11.14.11 See the Rio Dell Plaza page for all the latest information and letters to the editor The option agreement will come up for a vote tomorrow night at the city council meeting

Illegal Occupy Eureka encampment disbanded (again) - 33 arrests made

Former San Francisco Giants payroll manager convicted of embezzling $2.2 million

Painter pleads guilty to tax evasion on more than $1.9 million used to pay illegal immigrant workers

11.13.11 City Council meeting Tuesday Nov. 15th 6:30pm Agenda - includes approval of option agreement for property to develop into Rio Dell Plaza (see public meeting for details), approval of new city attorney's, approval of new planning fees, etc.

11.11.11 RioDellTimes.com salutes our vets on Veteran's Day! Thank you for your sacrifice

The 11.10.11 Rio Dell Plaza public meeting is Online! The meeting was well attended with people in support and opposed to the project

U.S. soldiers at war: the forgotten 1 percent - Washington Post

Holiday resources list for Humboldt County- Food baskets, free meals, toys, etc.

11.10.11 The 11.1.11 City Council meeting is online! Includes the first overview of the Rio Dell Plaza concept

Public meeting tonight re. Rio Dell Plaza concept 6:30pm City Hall The planned shopping mall development at the 23 acre pasture at Davis and the Hwy 101 South on-ramp will have significant impacts on the entire city which requires the participation of the residents.

11.9.11 Joseph Demello sought after stabbing at a residence on Bacchetti Dr. Eureka

Local charges dropped against Clarence Lewis in bank robbery case; federal charges filed

Supplement manufacturer pleads guilty to selling unapproved drugs

11.8.11 Paul Bristow (aka Coon) & Tabitha MacDonald arrested for drug charges at Eureka motel

11.7.11 Public meeting scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 10th 6:30pm at City Hall to discuss the proposed development of the Rio Dell Plaza

James Coomes arrested for transporting 250 pounds of marijuana while visiting Garberville from Arizona

11.6.11 What caused the financial crisis? The big lie goes viral - Washington Post Unless we understand what caused the financial crisis we are doomed to repeat it as history has proven time and time again.

Wall Street profits surging - Washington Post Banks and Wall St. firms have earned more profit in the first 2.5 years of the current administration, after the financial meltdown, than they earned under the the prior administration. Claims of over-regulation or an anti-business administration are obviously false.

11.5.11 Five held to answer in Bridgeville pot case - Times Standard An earlier drug bust in Ferndale led to the Bridgeville residence as those involved quickly provided information implicating others. Hopefully law enforcement will continue to follow the trail to wherever it leads and more arrests will follow. **The Times Standard online has changed to a pay service.

11.3.11 Humboldt County Dept. of Health & Human Services Outreach Program Schedule - County services accessible to outlying areas

11.2.11 City contract engineering firm awarded millions in contracts to itself - Los Angeles Times State audit reveals engineering firm hired to advise the city for many years awarded itself projects, monitored its own compliance, approved its own invoices, etc.

Is the U.S. heading for war with Iran? - The Guardian

11.1.11 New major commercial development proposed for Rio Dell at Hwy 101 and Davis St. exit by city manager - concept includes supermarket, gas station, two motels, restaurants and new city hall; public meetings planned for next week (schedule to follow)


10.31.11 Eel River Sawmill site community meeting Online!

Dinsmore Raid updated

Possible attempted kidnapping on Westgate Ave. Eureka

Missing person Jaymie Christine Ritchie

Tennessee man receives 25 years for murder of Trinidad resident William John Lundy

10.29.11 Iraq war veteran seriously injured by Oakland police - The Guardian Scott Olsen can not talk after being shot in the head by a projectile and suffering damage to the speech centre of his brain. Olsen had served two tours of Iraq without injury only to be shot by police exercising his Constitutional right to peacefully protest. Olsen served with the 3rd battalion, 4th Marine Regiment in tactical communications.

Teenager refused cancer treatment by insurance company - The Guardian At age 14, Miran Istina of Sisters Oregon was diagnosed with stage 2 leukemia. The insurance company decided that she must have had it for at least a year prior to diagnosis, therefore it was a pre-existing condition and they have refused to pay for life saving treatments.

In 21st Century America, privacy, truly, is gone - The Oregonian

Herding sheep in Starbucks - CNN Facebook, Twitter and other social sites leave their users wide open to free programs that hijack their accounts, steal their identities and more.

10.28.11 City Council Meeting Tues. Nov. 1st 6:30pm Agenda Includes approval of up to $125,000 towards legal fees for lawsuits over the wastewater treatment plant project (There are two lawsuits currently: Mercer Fraser Co. v. Rio Dell and Joseph Baratti v. Rio Dell. The agenda packet contains details of the related disputes on pages 21-22).

10.27.11 Attempted murder and robbery

Rio Dell man pleads to pot charge; son of 'primary suspect' in Hydesville marijuana case - Times Standard **The Times Standard online has changed to a pay service. Hopefully there are more arrests to come!

Trends in the distribution of household income between 1979 and 2007 by the Congressional Budget Office The top 1% of the population with the highest income saw their income grow an average of 275%; the lowest 20% of the population saw their income grow 18% during the same time period.

10.26.11 EPD arrests five on various drug charges: James Derryberry, Kenneth Wisdom, Dawn Wilfong-Robinson, Mingo Gaitan & Eleanor Bettes

Convicted child molester sentenced to 10 years prison for child pornography

Bookkeeper sentenced to 46 months prison for tax evasion after embezzling over $4.7 million

10.25.11 Bank robbery suspect Clarence Joseph Lewis III caught

Witness sought in Reginald Clark murder investigation

EPD issues warning about bank scam

Eureka School Board candidate debate Oct. 26th 7:00pm

10.24.11 Dust mask bandit linked to 6 area bank robberies more!!!

Clarence Joseph Lewis III of Hoopa person of interest in dust mask bandit robberies

Businessman pleads guilty to real estate investment fraud

10.23.11 Bribewatch.org 'Protecting consumers from corruption in the construction and inspection industry.' The site provides an interesting compilation of bribery cases across the country in an industry known for rampant fraud, particularly with building inspectors.

Fraud Prevention: U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

10.22.11 Eel River Sawmill site cleanup and remedial action plan presentation Tuesday Oct. 25th 6:30pm City Council Chambers Refreshments provided Reminder-this area had been annexed in to Rio Dell for the planned wastewater treatment plant

Seven arraigned in pot case; DA's office filed charges against 12 - Times Standard** The article reports that Thomas Morgan aka Taco posted $150,000 bail right away. **The Times Standard online has changed to a pay service.

California school spending among the lowest in the nation - California Watch The state continues its downward spiral as budgets are reduced further while demands increase. California has the highest ratio of students to teachers in the nation already at 20.5 x 1

10.21.11 Hoopa death investigation

Coast Central Credit Union robbed in McKinleyville

Closed door city council meeting Oct. 25, 2011 9:00am re. two pending lawsuits: Mercer Fraser Co. v. Rio Dell and Joseph Baratti v. Rio Dell see 9.6.11 City Council Meeting video re. Mercer Fraser dispute. The city rejected their bid for the wastewater treatment plant as 'non-responsive.' The city held a meeting on 6.21.11 regarding the rejection of all bids to allow Mercer Fraser to come back with a better packet. Baratti and others spoke re. the issue (see 6.21.11 Agenda for details from the minutes)

10.20.11 International drug cartel busted along with locally renown Thomas W. Morgan AKA "Taco" More!!!

10.19.11 Forest Service property burglarized; suspects ran after crashing their stolen car

10.18.11 HSU Associated Students formally declares support for Occupy Humboldt

10.16.11 Grigsby abandoned son to join in killing spree - Los Angeles Times

City Council Meeting Tuesday Oct. 18th 5:00pm study session 6:30pm regular meeting - includes interviews with prospective city attorneys and annual audit report presentation

10.15.11 The 9.28.11 Joint City Council/Planning Commission meeting is online! Pay attention to the numerous out-of-compliance codes and regulations that are being discussed; some have been out of compliance with state and federal regulations for decades. Drastic changes to the 'town center' zoning areas proposed as well.

10.14.11 Paul Bareilles arrested for car theft, etc.

Three Winco shoppers sought as witnesses in murder case

Twenty-seven defendants indicted after undercover operation by ATF for violent criminal acts

Pegasus Wireless CFO sentenced for his role in securities fraud

Taking it to the banks!

10.13.11 Delbert Derryberry of Eureka held on rape charge

Two men charged with illegal sales of guns, including machinegun and sawed off shotgun, out of hot dog stand

Financial advisor sentenced for tax evasion, failure to report $3.8 million in stolen funds

Eureka Police Department formal swearing in ceremony to be held Oct. 26th

10.12.11 Two visitors from Pennsylvania arrested for stolen property and drugs in Trinidad

Domestic violence-criminal justice process

Sneaker waves public safety reminder

Citigroup employee pleads guilty to embezzling more than $800,000 from client accounts

10.11.11 Clark murder investigation update

United Commercial Bank officials charged with securities fraud-TARP lost $298 million; FDIC $2.5 billion

Man sentenced for filing false tax returns, illegally obtaining citizenship

Jason Meisner & Steven Rudnicki arrested for cultivation of marijuana in Ferndale

Home invasion robbery in McKinleyville


10.10.11 Eureka murder suspects in custody in Yuba County Suspects are in custody after multiple murders in Washington and Oregon

Lost Coast 4x4's offers thanks for their recent successful 12th annual Eel River cleanup

10.7.11 Response letter from city attorney re. Freedom of Information saga The city attorney states he does not have a copy of the settlement agreement from the case that removed illegal city manager Jay Parrish from office, etc.

53 year old man found deceased in car on Glenn St. in Eureka

William Carlson of Eureka pleads guilty to soliciting sex with a minor

Tenth anniversary of the war in Afghanistan - BBC News With no end in sight, the decade of war gets little attention by the public or the media. Over 2,500 troops and 10,000 civilians have died in the conflict to date; more than $120 billion has been spent so far by the United States.

10.6.11 Drug war: what prohibition costs us - Los Angeles Times

Leader of drug trafficking ring sentenced to more than 19 years in prison

Real estate developer pleads guilty to investment fraud

Walgreen battle over drug prices will limit consumer choice - Los Angeles Times Anthem Blue Cross members will no longer be able to have their prescriptions filled at Walgreen's

10.5.11 Raid at house on E St. results in four arrests for drug charges

Bodhi Tree arrested after vehicle pursuit starts at Bear River Casino

Jamil Muhammad convicted of domestic violence; faces up to 30 years to life for 4th & 5th strike

Johnson & Johnson subsidiary pleads guilty to midbranding heart drug Natrecor

Joseph Marsh sentenced to 500 hours community service, probation for child endangerment

Attorney convicted in investment fraud scheme

Domestic violence red flags

10.4.11 Wanted parolee Shiloh Chase captured in Eureka

10.3.11 Crooked building inspector sentenced to 18-months prison - Los Angeles Times Bribes, illegal permits and attempted intimidation lands long time building inspector in prison as larger investigation into city building department activities continues.

10.2.11 City Council Meeting Tues. Oct 4th 6:30pm - Agenda Includes purchase of used Ford F-350 utility truck, receipt of responses to request for city attorney proposals and removal of a portion of First Ave (between Davis & Elko St.).

Flashback! Letter from city regarding imaginary business and code violations from Oct. 2006 plus our response. Just a reminder of the 'special' treatment we have received from city hall for years... The Halloween lights are back up!

10.1.11 Breaking News! Fort Bragg slaying suspect is killed in shootout- Sacramento Bee

Intense hunt for murder suspect in Mendocino - San Francisco Chronicle Over 100 law enforcement officers focus on Northspur area near Fort Bragg in one of the largest manhunts in Northern California history.

Congress gives postal service temporary reprieve - San Francisco Chronicle The postal processing office in Eureka is on the list of possible closures in addition to 3,700 local post offices across the country

California counties brace for flood of inmates and parolees from the state - Los Angeles Times New law starts today that transfers responsibility (but not resources) back to cash strapped counties


9.29.11 Fort Bragg murder suspect has 'encounter' with authorities - Los Angeles Times gunfire is reported

Humboldt County Health & Human Services October mobile outreach schedule Access to county services in outlying areas

9.28.11 Joint city council/planning commission meeting packet includes details of parking, flag lot, town center & second dwelling regulations discussion from tonights meeting

Robbery and assault in Loleta; suspects attempted to strangle victim before fleeing

Four arrested at residence on Union St. for stolen property, drugs, forged checks and more

Bank of America employee sentenced to over 2 years for embezzlement

Access Humboldt challenges FCC's open internet rules

Former president of investment firm charged with mail fraud and obstruction

Man arrested for tax fraud and obstruction

9.27.11 Woman arrested for filing false tax claims, aggravated identity theft and obstructing IRS by offering witnesses televisions for false testimony

Hell's Angels members and co-conspirators indicted in multi-million dollar money laundering and mortgage fraud scheme

9.26.11 Assault resulting in serious injury in Ferndale

In a first, SEC warns rating agency it may bring civil charges for financial crisis role - ProPublica

Plastic gas pipeline failure data kept secret - San Francisco Chronicle Even failures resulting in explosions and deaths are not required to be disclosed.

9.24.11 Corruption and croynism brings down another small town - Los Angeles Times Millions of dollars gone over many years of sweetheart deals and hand-outs to a select few ruin yet another community. Community members are left to pick up the pieces.

Community Events updated! How much money is the city willing to spend to try and keep the investigative report into Public Works buried?

Joint Planning Commission/City Council meeting Wednesday Sept. 28th 5:30pm Agenda items include public hearings/study sessions concerning city parking, flag lot and second unit regulations as well as town center zoning designations. The council packet with detailed information is not accessible on the city website at this time (bad file).

9.23.11 William Everett Carlson arrested for soliciting sex with a minor

Missing person Drew Asmussen

Missing person Robert Sears found alive and well

9.22.11 Derick McElroy and Ashley Stogner arrested for heroin sales

High risk missing person alert for Robert Sears

Anthony Cotham and Robert Mann arrested for multiple crimes

Federal charges filed for internet hacking attack against Santa Cruz County

Melvin Coffer arrested for gun charges near Maple Creek School

Update on Bayshore Mall acid bomb explosion

9.21.11 Thomas Manuel Prince wanted after violent assault in McKinleyville

District Attorney's office warns of local email scam

Wanted suspect, Eric Gibson, taken into custody after struggle with EPD K9

9.20.11 Estelle Fennell declares candidacy for Second District Supervisor More!

9.19.11 Building inspector gets prison for taking bribes - Los Angeles Times 60 year old building inspector sentenced to 21 months in prison for false permits and taking bribes. Claims a 'short term lapse of judgment' despite FBI videotape evidence.

Stabbing at Bear River Casino

Investment banker charged with insider trading

Bell California municipal scandal - Los Angeles Times A public records request by the LA Times exposed the massive fraud going on in this small town. If the 'rationale' of the Rio Dell city attorney was correct, the records would have been buried in a personnel file and the corruption would be allowed to continue.

Drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in U.S. - Los Angeles Times

9.18.11 City council meeting Tues Sept. 20th 5:30 study session 6:30 regular meeting - Agenda - Full Council Packet Study sessions are open to the public. Agenda includes approval of up to $25,000 for an outside attorney re. wastewater project, changes to the gambling/card room provisions (study session), approval of city wide street improvement project budget amendment, etc.

Rio Dell request for new city attorney bids Hopefully, the city will receive at least one or two bids from qualified attorneys that have familiarity with government codes such as the Brown Act. Our months long (continuing) quest for public records demonstrates the compelling need for a qualified attorney. The city spends a great deal of additional money hiring outside attorney's on issues such as land use, etc. rather than use the same attorney who has 'advised' Rio Dell for the last 18 years.

Science lags as health problems emerge near gas fields - ProPublica

9.17.11 California planning drastic cuts to health care for millions of residents - Los Angeles Times

9.16.11 Kenestta Johnson pleads guilty to tax return fraud; ongoing investigation into IRS fraud continues

Eureka Yard Sale Sat. Sept 17th & 18th 8am-2pm to benefit Haiti Medical Mission - Flyer

Constitution Week Sept. 17-23 - Founding Documents These documents form the basis of our two party system of government and should be understood by everyone. Unfortunately, many of those professing to be 'constitutionalists' know nothing about it.

9.15.11 Endangered green sturgeon caught in Humboldt Bay results in charges

Open house at the animal shelter Oct. 20, 2011 12-6pm

Former financial advisor sentenced to over 5 years in prison for fraud and money laundering

Bookkeeper sentenced to 27 months for embezzlement

9.14.11 Kimberlee Walker of McKinleyville convicted of DUI with refusal enhancement

Former tax preparer pleads guilty to conspiring to defraud the government

TomorrowNow, Inc. fined $20 million in computer intrusion and copyright infringement case

San Jose man charged with filing false tax returns

9.13.11 Big raid on Santa Rosa dismantling yard, tow service - Press Democrat Cream's Dismantling is the same operation that dumped toxic fluids into Fireman's Park during the city sponsored Car Amnesty Day. Take a look at the pictures and video taken at the local park *note city code compliance officer Carla Ralston and police officer Kevin Harralson looking on as toxic fluids pour out of the car crusher into the community park. Car Amnesty Day Revisited...

Protect our right to anonymity - New York Times

Robert Lightner of McKinleyville arrested for narcotics after traffic stop

California set to release thousands of women in prison to ease overcrowding - Los Angeles Times Early release program for parents in jail will expand to include fathers as well

Bell gets free administrative aid from more prosperous cities - Los Angeles Times The consequences of the corruption in Bell continues...

9.12.11 IBM's Watson supercomputer to give instant medical diagnosis - Los Angeles Times

Our Pathways to Health - free chronic disease self-management worshop sponsored by the Community Health Alliance; see the flyer for dates and locations around Humboldt County

No serene ending for 'Buddhaville' - Los Angeles Times Humboldt County off-the-grid homestead cooperative formed by Lost Paradise Land Co. results in federal pot bust

9.11.11 Letter to city attorney requesting additional records - see Freedom of Information Act for earlier correspondence

September 11th, 2001 Attack on the United States of America

Why the World Trade Center is taking so long to finish - Time

Weight-loss programs might save Medicare billions - Los Angeles Times Keeping people healthy is a lot more cost effective than treating them once they're sick

9.10.11 Registry of 9/11 health related issues - New York City Patrolmen's Benevolent Assoc. The rates of sarcoidosis, cancer, lung disease and more are skyrocketing after exposure to the toxic material at Ground Zero ten years ago.

Over 14,000 rounds of assault weapon ammunition missing from Fort Bragg - Fox News

9.9.11 Former EPD officer Daniel Kalis pleads no contest to heroin possession and more...

Former sheriff's deputy Joseph Marsh pleads guilty to child endangerment

Humboldt CPR announces Estelle Fennell leaving as Executive Director

Defendants in multi-million dollar investment fraud sentenced to prison

Bay area gun trafficker sentenced to 100 months in prison

Restaurant owners plead guilty to employing illegal aliens, fradulent social security numbers and tax fraud

Whistleblowers lead to $10 million settlement in false claims case targeting healthcare company defrauding Tricare

Two investment professionals plead guilty to insider trading scheme

9.8.11 Armed robbery assault more!!!

Joshua Vandyke arrested for heroin sales at residence on Pine Street

Gregory Williams of McKinleyville convicted of DUI

Consumer alert-phone scam reported by local residents

Humboldt County Dept. of Health & Human Services mobile outreach schedule Access to services for the outlying areas of the county

Jay Soderling, owner of Ripp It Earth Movers, charged with tax evasion

9.7.11 The September 6th, 2011 Rio Dell City Council meeting is Online!

9.6.11 Acid bomb detonated in Bayshore Mall

9.5.11 Happy Labor Day!

Time to brace for the next 9/11: Mother Nature - Newsweek

All work and no pay: the great speedup - Mother Jones Workers, grateful to still have a job, are forced to take on more and more demands with fewer resources in the current economic situation.

Postal service struggles to avoid a default - New York Times If nothing is done, which is looking increasingly likely, the postal service may close its doors later this year.

9.4.11 City Council meeting Tuesday Sept. 6th 5:00pm study session 6:30pm regular meeting - Agenda Study session includes discussion of converting a portion of First Ave. to park area, Davis St. river access, sewer ordinance update, etc. Regular meeting includes request for proposals for a new city attorney, approval of flag protocol, rejection of a Mercer Frasier bid as nonresponsive, approval of a resolution opposing railbanking, etc.

Principles for improving transportation options in rural and small town communities A case study in railbanking is on page 16.

War has broken out in Mendocino County - Los Angeles Times

9.3.11 The price we paid for the war on terror - Washington Post

9.1.11 Records request response letter from city attorney with selected settlement documents. Settlement documents attached include agreements with Joe Enes, Joel Mintz, Ourselves, Ralph Roberts, Mike Yordy and Ted Ostrow.

Community Events updated!

EPD conducts maximum enforcement operation resulting in multiple arrests

Construction company fined $5 million for dumping toxins into the San Joaquin River


8.31.11 Collision on Broadway results in major injuries

Marilyn Thompson of Hoopa arrested during recent DUI checkpoint

Justice Department files antitrust suit against AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile - Access Humboldt

Richard Singer convicted of soliciting arson

Oakland man sentenced for credit card fraud and identity theft

Scotia becomes its own Community Services District; 93.79% vote in favor of CSD

8.30.11 Armed robbery near Sequoia Park

Threats with a firearm result in arrest of Bryan Balcom in Hydesville

Six gang members convicted of racketeering and more

Explosive device found at Humboldt Co. high school

EPD seeks assistance in identity of fraud suspect

Bell's former leaders are gone but their legacy remains - Los Angeles Times Residents already pay one of the highest property tax rates in the state and will now get to pay off a $50 million dollar bond that has already been largely misappropriated. The harm caused by corrupt city officials continues long after they have been removed from office.

8.29.11 Two Bay Area men sentenced for identity theft spree

State Senate rejects controversial plan to disband city of Vernon - Los Angeles Times

8.28.11 Continuing saga of our records request to the City of Rio Dell - Freedom of Information Act resources

Scotia Community Services District Election Tuesday Aug. 30th! - CSD candidate Guide

Community Events updated!

IRS investigates $419 million Vernon bond deal - Los Angeles Times

8.25.11 Kevin Walker found guilty in Arcata rape

Missing person. Randi Barton More!!!

8.24.11 EPD conducts transient camp sweep

8.23.11 GOP pushing to raise taxes on middle class and working poor - Washington Post Unbelievable hypocrisy!

8.22.11 Burglary suspects arrested after using stolen credit card at Rio Dell gas station

Assembly passes cell-phone privacy bill in rare unanimous vote

15 more Bay Area residents charged with federal passport offenses

Karuk Tribe wins grant to provide internet services to tribal members in Orleans

Amazon pours in millions to buy California election

Rio Dell special meeting re. Bear River Wind Project Aug. 31st 3pm Rio Dell City Hall

8.18.11 Attempted murder more!!!

State auditors to examine the books of Hercules - Hercules Patch Millions of dollars in state and federal grant money is in question with questionable financial reports leading to a state investigation of this bay area city.

Placerville mayor arrested on perjury, conspiracy allegations- Sacramento Bee Failure to disclose has consequences

8.16.11 Full council packet from tonights meeting. It is a large searchable file (13.4MB) and well worth reading. Pay careful attention to pages 104-106 regarding what has to be disclosed by the city. This forms part of the newly approved council member protocols. The city attorney (for the last 18 years) may want to review this section as he continues to deny our public records request. The earlier letters are linked at Community Events.

Rio Dell woman trapped in car 48 hours after accident - Times Standard

Don't forget the council meeting tonight! 5:00pm study session 6:30pm regular meeting Agenda

8.15.11 Contra Costa narcotics enforcement team commander indicted on federal corruption, drug charges and more...

Homicide update

Armed robbery update

8.14.11 Town of Scotia prepares for historic vote August 30th - The Scotia Independent - Scotia Community Services Board Candidates

Risky financial deals cost city millions - Los Angeles Times Greed and bad advice by the city attorney has left the town millions of dollars in the hole while city salaries skyrocketed for a few cronies.

City Council meeting Tuesday August 16th 5:00pm study session 6:30pm regular meeting - Agenda Council packet is currently unavailable on the city website due to a bad link for part 1. Numerous items on the agenda; including discussion of proposal for city attorney, approval of $10,000 to purchase water dept. tools, Edwards parcel acquistion and more...

City pays former administrator $500,000 settlement after they pled guilty to felony public corruption charges - Los Angeles Times The corruption runs so deep that "...disbanding city hall is the only way to clean up..." The taxpayers will continue to pay the price of their indifference to the cronies and corruption that had been going on for so many years. Choosing to look the other way is choosing to allow the crime.

8.13.11 Virginia Doolittle arrested for murder in Hoopa

8.12.11 Coast Central Bank robbery inside Ray's Food Place in McKinleyville

M Street home raided; multiple arrests for drug sales

Defendant in $6.2 million false tax refund scheme sentenced to 21 months

Animal cruelty investigation more

New CAMP (Campaign Against Marijuanna Planting) numbers

8.11.11 Animal cruelty in Fernbridge

Humboldt County Fair August 11th-21st

8.10.11 Bigleggins held to answer in child murder case - Times Standard

8.9.11 Response to city denial of disclosure yet again; letter from city attorney denying our Freedom of Information Act records request Here are some links of interest Public Records Act Compliance Audit; Register Div. of Freedom Newspapers, Inc. v. County of Orange Take a look at the story below regarding improperly denied public records requests as well. It appears that Rio Dell is prepared to waste taxpayer money to prevent the required disclosure of public records in order to protect ?

Child murder case moves forward; forensic pathologist and grandmother testify in first day of preliminary hearing - Times Standard

County to pay $125,000 settlement for improperly withholding public records - Seattle Times

8.8.11 EPD conducts neighborhood enforcement operation resulting in five arrests

Bomb threat at North Coast Surgical Center

Karen Ellsworth of Willow Creek arrested for drug charges

8.7.11 Tools

City owes nearly $500,000, California parks department says - Los Angeles Times

Bell 8 see hope in Supreme Court ruling - Los Angeles Times For the first time, prosecutors will have to prove that a public official charged with misappropriation must have known they were breaking the law or were criminally negligent in not knowing.

8.5.11 Homicide/death investigation

Robbery kidnapping update #2

8.4.11 City response to inquiry re. 25 homes not connected to new water main during 2005 project. Thank you for the prompt response. Original letter to city

Baltzley pleads guilty to animal cruelty

Facebook related activities result in indictment

Berkeley man charged with tax evasion for failure to report over $980,000 of income

Gas tax may be next target of group that is determined to destroy the economy - Money The inter-state highway system was created by President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1956 for national security which became an integral part of American culture. Those that are actively working to bring down the government are committing treason and working against the interests of every other American.

Kidnapping and robbery arrest of Charles Albert Kelly

8.3.11 Kidnapping and Robbery more!!!

8.2.11 San Rafael man sentenced to 6 months for tax evasion more!!!

IRS is investigating city finances - Los Angeles Times There are always consequences for 'cooking the books' as it eventually comes to light, even in cronyville.

8.1.11 City Council meeting Tues Aug. 2nd 5:30pm study session 6:30 regular meeting Council packet Agenda includes review of draft city council protocol update, approval of billable rates for staff time, etc.

Letter to the city re. $25,000 estimated to complete 2005 water project-25 homes on Riverside were not hooked up to the new water main's according to Finance Director Stephanie Beauchaine.

President surrenders on debt ceiling- New York Times


7.31.11 Arsonist Edward Dean Wilhite arrested after setting fire on Vigo Street Eureka

Woman sets homeless man on fire in Eureka

Community events updated re. $25,000 to finish the 2005 water infrastructure project, the Smartmeter moratorium debate, and more...

7.30.11 Running in the red: how the U.S., on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt - Washington Post This is a good article about the decades long road to the current economic self-imposed disaster.

Wildwood Days schedule - Humboldt Beacon

7.29.11 City attorney sued for providing bad legal advice - Los Angeles Times

Gun trafficker and gang member sentenced

Death investigation more!!!

Assault with deadly weapon

Marijuana investigation

7.28.11 Local Man Sentenced for Child Sex Abuse Case more!!!

Death investigation more!!!

Grow house raided

Weapons violation Arrest

7.27.11 Roll over accident on Broadway

7.26.11 Dept. of Health & Human Services mobile outreach August schedule Access to social services in the outlying areas of Humboldt County

Road rampage shooting update

California gets $5.4 billion bank loan to bypass U.S. debt failure - Los Angeles Times

City manager loses bid to have city pay their legal defense costs - Los Angeles Times

Road rampage shooting, suspect sought more!!!

Shell discussing wind energy project in Ferndale; Rio Dell - Times Standard Read more about the Bear River Wind Power Project here.

Interim city manager leaves Bell - Los Angeles Times The repercussions from the long time fraud and cronyism continue to unfold. At least the citizens of Bell are finally paying attention!

7.25.11 **The July 19th 2011 Rio Dell City Council meeting with the Smart Meter debate is online!!!

Dr. Frances Day pleads no contest to felony

Christopher Henson and 16-year-old juvenile arrested for burglary in Cutten

Redistricting committee public meeting tonight 6-8pm Rio Dell City Hall - Times Standard

7.24.11 High speed car pursuit through Eureka leads to arrest after crash

7.22.11 Assault with a deadly weapon arrest

7.21.11 Sacramento child molester now a mass murder suspect in Oregon - Sacramento Bee

Former police officers charged with federal crimes

Prostitution sting in Old Town

Thomas D. Jones arrested at Fort Humboldt for attempted burglary, etc.

Mexican citizen sentenced to more than six years for cocaine distribution

7.20.11 Accidental Death More!!!

Community Events updated re. last nights council meeting, etc.

7.19.11 California budget cuts threaten Humboldt County courthouse embezzlement investigation - Times Standard

Blue-green algae warnings: Eel River (South Fork), Van Duzen, etc. - Times Standard

7.18.11 Council packet for tomorrow's meeting starting at 5:30pm There is a rally planned for 6:00pm to protest the Smartmeters and support the city moratorium. The council meeting will include a presentation regarding the meters initiated by council member Thompson and his contention that he has "information" linking PG&E to the United Nations (alleged conspiracy to take over the world aka Agenda 21). The conspiracy theory of the upcoming world takeover by the UN includes herding Americans into camps and ending all private property rights. There is a good article regarding it here. The full text of the actual Agenda 21 policy recommendations are available here.

7.17.11 Rio Dell city council meeting Tuesday July 19th 5:30pm Agenda Includes study session re. Bear River Wind Power Project, discussion of smart meter program, etc. See Community Events for a discussion of the smart meter issue and a clip from the 7.5.11 meeting.

7.15.11 Ex-city manager pleads guilty in public corruption case - Los Angeles Times This makes the third city official to plead guilty to corruption charges in the small city since 2009. Even long time entrenched cronie fiefdoms come to an end when the public starts paying attention.

Justin Wier pleads guilty to weapons charges

Counterfeit movies ring busted

Tsunami siren test in Trinidad

Rape in Old Town

7.14.11 Community Events updated!

District Attorney holding Blue Lake town hall meeting on public safety next week

Attempted murder/mayhem follow-up

Rio Dell study session on Shell/Bear River wind power project Tues. 5:30pm

Meeting highlight from 7.5.11 city council meeting (public presentation)

7.13.11 Man who threatened United States Senator sentenced to four months imprisonment More!!!

Pacifica man goes to federal prison for trafficking endangered species on the internet. More!!!

Former financial officer pleads guilty to tax evasion

7.12.11 $30 million bet on Vandenberg Air Force Base - Los Angeles Times Hawthorne company set to break ground on new launchpad and hangar for Falcon Heavy rocket.

Murder suspect pursued

Burglary suspect arrest

Redistricting public hearings schedule - Times Standard Rio Dell will be holding a meeting on July 25th 6pm at City Hall; Scotia's meeting will be at 6pm on the 26th at the Fire Hall.

7.11.11 Attempted Murder and Mayhem Arrest More!!!

Sheriff's Citizens on Patrol information and recruitment

7.10.11 Revised contract with Kevin Caldwell, Community Development Director Caldwell has the certifications and experience to assume duties such as planning, building inspection and code enforcement. We encourage the city to follow through and perform these duties in-house rather than continue to use the independent contractor that has been used during the years of continuing deterioration of the housing stock.

7.9.11 HUD letter points out 'negligent' use of federal dollars - Whittier Daily News City blames third party for failure to comply with HUD regulations, failure to have minimal paperwork on file, misappropriation of grant money, etc. The activities cited by HUD are very similar to those listed by the 2004-05 Humboldt County Grand Jury investigation into Rio Dell's HUD program. The city also tried to blame others for their failure to monitor the program as required.

7.8.11 Assault with Deadly Weapon More!!!

Death investigation in Garberville after dead body found in river

Pharmacy owner charged with multiple counts of health care fraud

Former attorney indicted for multi-million dollar ponzi scheme

Rio Dell yet again rejects public records request - Response letter to city "The people of this State do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies which serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created" California Gov't Code Section 54950

California Public Records Act FAQs

CPRA exemption for private personal information - First Amendment Coalition The exemption is very narrow!

Marijuana lobbyist's fundraiser for District Attorney Gallegos raises questions - California Watch

7.7.11 Judge stops Richardson Grove expansion project - Sacramento Bee

Two found dead at local motel

Defendant in $6.2 million false tax refund scheme sentenced to 21 months prison

7.5.11 Judge rules city can't layoff workers - Daily Pilot The ultra conservative city is moving to privatize all of the city jobs possible.

Welcome to new city council member Frank Wilson

Here is tonight's city council meeting packet - includes details of the change to the city manager's contract, etc.

7.4.11 Happy Independence Day!

Words of wisdom from the Founding Fathers - Los Angeles Times

President George Washington's farewell address This should be mandatory reading for everyone as the Father of our country warns of the threats to the new country which have almost entirely proven to be true. Pay careful attention to the passages about partisan rivalries that can tear the country apart.

City Council meeting Tuesday July 5, 2011 6:30pm - Agenda Participate in your local government or risk the inevitable results (see Bell, Maricopa, Vernon, etc.). Agenda items include changes to the city manager contract regarding medical insurance and the purchase of a 2006 Crown Victoria police car. The council packet that includes the supporting documentation was not available online prior to the meeting so details of the contract changes are unknown at this time. Here is the existing city manager contract.

Many small cities pay officials hefty health benefits - Los Angeles Times

7.3.11 Small town economic woes - Los Angeles Times The Grand Jury has even recommended disbanding the small town due to unsustainable finances

Federal prosecutors, FBI launch probe into potential misuse of funds - Los Angeles Times HUD officials suggest the city may have misspent as much as $4 million. FYI-Rio Dell has received millions in HUD housing money to 'rehabilitate' local homes yet continues to suffer from an increasingly deteriorating housing stock by its own admission.

Fourth of July activities: the North Coast celebrates Independence Day - Times Standard

Samoa developers must consider sea-level rise - Sacramento Bee The proposed development will include homes with the first floor 32 feet above ground.

7.2.11 What history teaches us about the welfare state - Washington Post

7.1.11 Get the best bang for your buck on fireworks in Rio Dell at our local Redwood Miniature Golf course; supports Liberty Tabernacle! Free block party July 2nd 7-10pm Free fireworks, BBQ, give aways and more!

Eureka Police Officers' Association press release regarding Garr Nielsen

Home invasion robbery arrests made

Marijuana investigation results in two guilty pleas

Conviction of felon after shootout on crowded street

Cooperative law enforcement agreement between HCSO and Karuk Tribe

Automobile burglaries


6.30.11 Why was Garr fired? - Northcoast Journal

Evasion of a Murder Suspect More!!!

Tax evasion leads to 30 month prison sentence, more than $1 million in restitution

6.29.11 Wayne Bukowski pleads guilty to child molestation

Three arrests at I Street drug bust

Lost Coast 4x4's 12th Annual Eel River Bar Clean-up

Bay Area Citigroup employee arrested for stealing client funds

July 4th festivities and pets

6.28.11 California GOP Senators move to prevent Chiang from blocking their own pay - Sacramento Bee Truly disgusting behavior!

Grand Jury says city council decision influenced by marijuana money - Sacramento Bee

Local Kidnappers sought. More...

FBI Multi-state big marijuana bust update More!!!

Rio Dell City Council special meeting tonight at 5:30, City Hall. They are still trying to fill the hole left by Barsanti's departure to Scotia.

6.27.11 Supreme Court strikes down California violent video game sales restrictions - Sacramento Bee

Brown and Democrats team up on budget plan without GOP - Los Angeles Times

Reckless discharge of a firearm arrest near Miranda

Further details of Cutten assault and robbery suspects

6.26.11 Eureka man assaulted and robbed near Sequoia Park

California bridges built in China - New York Times

6.25.11 Old lumber town balks at independence - Los Angeles Times Scotia moves towards independence?

EPD Chief Nielsen fired after 4 years; Harpham named interim replacement - Times Standard

Lost Coast 4x4 Where Fun is Serious!

Foster children struggle with identity theft - Sacramento Bee Just in case they haven't been victimized enough...

6.24.11 Eureka Police Chief Garr Nielsen fired! - Humboldt Herald

Scotia resident Emanual Santos arrested for burglary

Former YouSendIt CEO pleads guilty to cyber attack against the company

6.23.11 Grow house bust nets two arrests, hash & several pounds of processed marijuana

California: Mafia Rat Caught!!!

FBI seizes $800,000 in cash, arsenal of weapons from Santa Monica apartment of Mafia Rat James 'Whitey' Bulger - Los Angeles Times

Ron Paul, Barney Frank to jointly offer bill to end the war on weed - Los Angeles Times

6.22.11 Pastor Dino Cardelli pleads guilty to sexual abuse

Four men sentenced for defrauding government agency

Former environmental manager of bottling plant sentenced to federal prison for violating Clean Water Act

6.20.11 Possible drowning in the Trinity River near Hoopa

City Council meeting Tues. 21st Study Session 5:30pm - Regular Meeting 6:30pm Council PacketStudy session includes interviews of the two council position applicants; Adam Dias and Frank Wilson. See council packet for other agenda items.

6.19.11 Grand jury recommends disincorporation of Maricopa CA; unsustainable debt and long term mismanagement are contributing factors. The situation described in the grand jury report is very similar to the recent Rio Dell Compensation Committee Report discussion of the current state of the city. Good article here regarding Maricopa and its current problems.

Medicine: Why Rats Bite Babies - Time

In California the most troublesome rats are two introduced species: the roof rat and the Norway rat. More!!!

Pest Rat Extermination FO R B E G I N N E R S

6.17.11 Outdoor marijuana grow busted; two illegal aliens arrested

Access Humboldt congratulates graduating EHS student intern Camille Carpenter

6.16.11 Justin Gibney arrested trying to sell stolen property after short pursuit by K-9 Officer

"Rat Bite Fever" - Read what the CDC has to say about it!!!

Rat bite fever: A growing pediatric issue

"Rat Bite Fever" Substandard housing link!!!

6.15.11 Three arrested for felony drug charges in Eureka

Home invasion robbery in Weott

Cole Machado arrested for production & distribution of child pornography

Tsunami warning siren test Friday

6.14.11 Missing person Jacob Lyle

Methamphetamine dealer sentenced to 188 months

6.13.11 Major pot bust in Fieldbrook; 495 pounds of processed marijuana seized with two arrests

Steven Stolberg arrested after motorcycle pursuit in Eureka

Scrappy 8-year-old from Humboldt beats all odds in her battle against rabies - Sacramento Bee Precious Reynolds will be coming home later this month after having a less than 2% chance at survival.

Missing Iraq money may have been stolen auditors say - Los Angeles Times At least $6.6 billion in U.S. aid is unaccounted for after massive airlift of cash to Iraq in 2004.

6.12.11 Humboldt girl survives rabies without vaccine - Sacramento Bee Willow Creek resident Precious Reynolds makes a miraculous recovery as only the third person in the US to survive without the vaccine.

6.11.11 Former California mayor, second city official indicted in federal corruption case - FBI.gov Bribes were demanded for permits and favorable treatment by the city.

CorruptAuthority.com Good source of news related to public corruption stories nationwide

High price of Oregon's mental health system - Oregonian

Samoa 2.0 - Northcoast Journal

Carlotta man 'disarmed' by civilians at Swain's Flat Outpost - Times Standard The story behind tuesday's emergency calls for assistance (see below) after Justin Wier suffers gun shot to the groin area; seven criminal charges were filed shortly after.

6.10.11 Former Walnut Creek financial advisor pleads guilty to stealing $5,431,600 from clients. More!!!

Special meeting to be held Tues. the 14th at 10:00am to reject the bids for the wastewater treatment plant project and begin the process over again to solicit bids. Note-the city has recently hired an attorney to address problems with the awarding of that project in response to a threatened lawsuit.

City council member allegedly diverted low-income housing money to remodel his condo - Los Angeles Times FBI investigation into the federally funded housing program continues

2nd Annual Richard Bettis Memorial Scholarship Fund Bocce Tournament July 9th - all proceeds go towards a $500 scholarship at Fortuna High School

Microsoft loses Supreme Court patent battle with tiny firm - Seattle Times $290 million award is the largest single patent verdict in history.

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) coverage here!

6.9.11 California city paid millions to relatives of city officials - Los Angeles Times Nepotism runs rampant

Assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, more!!!

Heroin dealer arrested at Eureka apartment

6.8.11 Confirmed case of measles in Humboldt County; possible public exposure at local restaurants.

6.7.11 Update (8:42pm): victim fled the area through the bushes; presumed victim calls for assistance at a residence on Hwy 36 shortly after emergency responders returned to their stations.

Breaking News (7:35pm) Shooting reported in the Swain's Flat area Hwy 36 near Bridgeville

CalFresh promotion - Spend $10 Get $5 in bonus tokens at the Farmer's Market

Legal Services of California offers free attorney services for seniors and low income

Important public services update

New law requires home carbon monoxide detectors by July 1st - Times Standard

Anthem Blue Cross won't accept automatic credit card payments anymore - Los Angeles Times

6.6.11 Among GOP, anti-tax orthodoxy runs deep - Washington Post Some have 'lost the art of compromise. If we don't get everything we want, then we let the whole thing burn' Former Senator Dave Cogdill (R).

Climate change may be cooling California - Sacramento Bee

6.5.11 Rio Dell City Council Meeting Tuesday the 7th at 6:30pm Agenda Packet Closed session to discuss 'significant exposure to litigation' in two cases. Regular agenda includes discussion of proposed rate changes by Humboldt Waste Management Authority, approval of rate adjustment and acceptance of franchise agreement with Eel River Disposal, award of $23,913 contract to Design Air for the city hall HVAC replacement project and approval of the 2011-2011 Operations Budget. *at last council meeting the closed door action items were reported to be a 5-0 authorization to hire an attorney regarding the award for the Wastewater Project II; and the hiring of an attorney for a second opinion.

6.4.11 Feds take over Contra Costa police scandal probe - San Francisco Chronicle The investigation has expanded to 'multiple cities and counties, multiple police officers, multiple police agencies and has crossed state lines.'

Tight squeeze - Northcoast Journal A group of local truckers oppose the Richardson Grove expansion project over concerns it will result in more competition in the transport market.

6.3.11 Humboldt County Grand Jury 2010-2011 Headwaters Fund Report - Response FYI-It was the Headwaters Fund that gave the city funds to study an Eel River Valley Food Cooperative project at the former Eel River Sawmill site which was proposed under former City Manager Nancy Flemming. At last update, Planwest is still studying the proposal on behalf of the city.

Eureka man sentenced to 30 days in jail, thousands in fines and more for DUI

29 years in prison for man who murdered 4 year old boy - Sacramento Bee The case is similar to the local murder case against Leon Bigleggins which has not gone to trial yet

FBI to take over NorCal drug probe investigation of drug task force - Sacramento Bee

Falling through the cracks with a preexisting condition - Los Angeles Times

6.2.11 Motel raid results in two arrests for drugs and weapons

Bell and Vernon cases put focus on pensions of non-elected officials - Los Angeles Times Even convictions for fraud or misappropriation of taxpayer money doesn't disqualify non-elected officials from collecting their public pensions.

Tax 'subsidies' at GE, Boeing and Verizon targeted by group - Seattle Times Eleven corporations posted a combined profit of $62 billion dollars in 2010 yet paid a negative 3.6% federal tax rate.

Facebook executive takes heat in hearing on privacy - Los Angeles Times "It's my general feeling that people who are 20, 21, 22 years old really don't have any social values at this point" Senator John D. Rockefeller IV


5.31.11 FBI expanding probe of building department 'as wide and high as they can' to combat systemic fraud - Los Angeles Times

5.29.11 Thank you to all our veterans; may your sacrifices never be forgotten or taken for granted.

Bell CA seeks help from the state to find an auditor - Los Angeles Times Past audits have failed to disclose the rampant fraud and misappropriation of millions in public funds that had been going on for years.

HUD suspends funding to Montebello CA housing rehabilitation program - Los Angeles Times Housing money simply disappeared over the years with little to nothing to show for it other than missing or falsified records by the agency hired to manage the funds for the city. Sound familiar?

Lobbyists, political activists use new online tools to slow or derail new laws - ABC News Transparency efforts are being used by lobbyists manipulating the system.

Twitter unmasks anonymous user in landmark legal battle - The Guardian We have not seen any publicity of this case in the U.S. press despite the enormous implications for online privacy overall.

Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1% - Vanity Fair Excellent article that should be required reading for the remaining 99% of American's regardless of political affiliation. Also, read The pauperisation of middle-class America

5.26.11 Ex-city manager pleads guilty to using city money for golf, massages, etc. - Los Angeles Times Currently, the former public employee is receiving $42,000 in monthly pension. Don't forget, the state recently failed to pass a proposal to strip public pensions from city and state officials convicted of misusing taxpayer money. The $500,000 annual pension of this manager will remain despite his admission of guilt.

5.23.11 Transformer oil spill closes Blue Lake Blvd near Highway 299

Second building inspector pleads guilty in federal bribery probe - Los Angeles Times Systemic fraud being investigated by the FBI as bribes were being demanded by crooked inspectors as a matter of routine. Illegal permits were simply a common everyday occurrence despite the risk of injury or death from deficient construction.

Supreme Court orders massive prisoner release in California - Los Angeles Times

5.21.11 Missing 2 year old found dead in Trinity River - Times Standard

U.S. law enforcement increasingly peeping at email, Facebook, instant messages, etc. - CSO Security & Risk In a related story, the only bipartisan agreement to come out of DC these days is an extension of the Patriot Act provisions which passed with virtually no debate or publicity. Anyone concerned about their Constitutional rights should be paying close attention to this issue.

No hacking required to be prosecuted as a hacker - Wired Employees may be prosecuted under federal antihacking laws for violating employer computer use policies or "exceeding authority."

5.20.11 Community Events updated with info from Housing & Community Development regarding the blown CDBG funded project at Wildwood and Painter.

5.19.11 Cold case solved; Joseph Miller aka Hinds arrested for murder more!

Ban on credit checks for job applicants clears Assembly on party line vote - Sacramento Bee

Instance of "noncompliance" identified in 2008-2009 financial audit (pg 53). No inventory or accounting of fixed assets was required, according to the findings. Perhaps that was why the city had to pay considerable sums to replace "missing" equipment in Public Works shortly after James Hale left as director. Or was it something else...

Ghilarducci sentenced to 30 months in prison (finally) - Times Standard Former Mayor of Rio Dell and CEO of Humboldt Creamery receives his sentence and will have to surrender by Friday to serve time.

5.18.11 Arrest made in homicide investigation

2008-2009 Rio Dell financial audit report

Council Member Marc Barsanti resigned last night as he is moving to Scotia

5.17.11 Attorney disputes that Ghilarducci's actions created problems - Times Standard Former Rio Dell Mayor and CEO of Humboldt Creamery's attorney now argues that he should be recognized for his efforts to try and "protect" the business. Testimony by former creamery members claimed to be "demonstrably false" (aka lies).

5.15.11 City Council meeting Tuesday May 17th Study Session 6:00pm - Regular Session 6:30pm Agenda The council will hold a closed door session at 5:30pm re. significant exposure to litigation for 2 cases. The study session is a review of the draft capital budget. The agenda includes changing the Housing Director position held by Kevin Caldwell into a Community Development Director position, adoption of medical marijuana dispensary ban, etc. The council will also hold a closed door session afterwards re. performance evaluation for City Manager Henrickson.

Community Events updated!

Huge profits for health insurers as Americans delay medical care - New York Times Record breaking profits are being reaped by insurers whose clients pay their premiums (if they are lucky enough to have insurance) yet still can't afford the deductibles and costs associated with medical care; postponing preventative care, skimping on medication and delaying medical procedures. The insurers still argue they need double digit premium hikes.

California's new social services chief to be paid $343,000 annually despite budget crisis - Los Angeles Times Benefits include an additional $400 monthly car allowance despite ban against state-paid vehicles. Contract circumvents state law restricting the wage for this position. Good article at San Jose Mercury News regarding this guy and his initiative to "oversee the most dramatic downsizing of government programs for the poor in California history."

Million dollar wasteland of stalled or abadoned HUD projects - Washington Post investigation The Eureka area has received $6 million in HUD funds with $4 million unspent on housing projects so far.

Dire warnings of debt limit games by Ronald Reagan - Washington Post

5.14.11 Internal investigations unit resurrected in wake of massive building department corruption probe - Los Angeles Times Expanded federal bribery investigation into corrupt buidling inspectors who have been caught on tape taking bribes for ignoring health & safety violations, illegal permits, retaliation, etc. has resulted in two arrests so far and more expected. It is refreshing to see corrupt building inspectors who have gotten away with their criminal activities for so many years finally brought to justice by the Feds!

5.13.11 Fort Humboldt, Benbow Lake, Del Norte Coast Redwoods and 67 other California parks on list of closures- Los Angeles Times Diminished services at remaining parks such as closed bathrooms and lifeguard towers likely at remaining parks in response to budget crisis

Maywood strives to bring order to financial chaos in wake of scandal - Los Angeles Times

Humboldt County queasy eats - Northcoast Journal Investigative article on local restaurants inspection reports

5.12.11 Juan Pedro Guevara sentenced to 32 years to life in witness intimidation case

CalPERs asks Bell to investigate police disability pensions worth millions - Los Angeles Times

5.10.11 Employment contract Nancy Flemming, former City Manager

Employment contract James Hale, former Public Works Director (unknown why a new contract was signed in 2007 as Hale had been with the city prior to that)

The May 3rd Rio Dell City Council meeting. Featuring more local citizens questioning the City about their problems involving Rio Dell's CDBG aka Community Development Block Grant money which is United States Federal government money.

Jacob Buck pleads guilty to marijuana sales; faces up to three years in prison

5.9.11 Letter from city attorney regarding our recent records request - Our response to denial of requested info The information stated by the city simply doesn't match the record

Allen Yochum pleads guilty to heroin offenses, faces up to 13 years

Fraudulent check scam warning

Suspect arrested after brandishing imitation firearm in Sequoia park More!

5.7.11 Investigation into crooked building inspectors expands - Los Angeles Times There have been two arrests so far of inspectors taking bribes for ignoring health & safety code violations, illegal permits, retaliation, etc. in systemic corruption. Federal grand jury expands their investigation to include the remaining inspectors and those in the building department that ignored or helped cover up the rampant fraud.

Suit filed to close the commercial salmon season off California and Oregon coasts - Los Angeles Times

5.6.11 Human rabies case in Willow Creek

Judge tosses civil suit against ex-Bell administrators - Los Angeles Times Ruling states legislators can't be sued for passing ordinances that reward themselves or their cronies with public money. Criminal case continues.

5.5.11 Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Three out of four US students lack a basic understanding of democracy - San Francicso Chronicle We continue to short change our future by failing to provide even a basic education to students.

California considers shorter school year due to budget cuts - Sacramento Bee The race to the bottom continues to pick up speed as the future of our country is tossed out the window in the name of short sighted budget cuts.

5.4.11 Guilty verdict in large scale heroin case more!

5.3.11 Community events updated! Major housing project falls through for mysterious reasons

Rio Dell City Council Meeting 5:30 study session 6:30 meeting - Agenda Full council packet Includes: discussion of animal control ordinance, appointment of Gary Chapman to planning commission, public hearing re. ban on medical marijuana dispensaries, draft operations budget, etc.

Former Temple City CA mayor convicted in bribery case - Los Angeles Times Cash bribes were being paid by developers in order to secure contracts and permits.

5.2.11 Bell pension reform measure fails in committee - Los Angeles Times Measure to strip public pensions from city and state officials convicted of criminal corruption fails to gather support. Unbelievable!

Roberts Pleads Guilty in Wife's Shooting Death more!

Missing person Edward Burton Jenson age 54 more...

Robbery Suspect Arrested

5.1.11 US Special Forces kill Osama bin laden! - CNN

Argument results in assault with a vehicle arrest

Running in the red; how the U.S. turned surpluses into massive debt - Washington Post


4.30.11 Assembly votes to disincorporate Vernon CA - Los Angeles Times In response to an "Unprecedented pattern of corruption' in Vernon...a city that has faced criticism for generations that it is run as a personal feifdom for a small clique."

Rio Dell residents clean up day free disposal of certain items planned for May 7th 9am-1pm at the school - no e-waste

4.28.11 Clam Beach car burglary suspect arrested

HUD suspends funding to Montebello CA, demands repayment of $5 mil. in past grants - Los Angeles Times Past handling of grant money "may border on criminal" with little documentation on how federal money was spent. Housing rehab money is unaccounted for, rules were ignored, documentation is either falsified or nonexistent, etc. Sound familiar?

Felony assault suspect apprehended by K9 team

Injured man found wandering in Eureka after stabbing at residence

4.27.11 Indoor grow busted on 3rd St.

Vernon CA city council members enjoy the perks of their personal feifdom - Los Angeles Times It is hard to believe the shameless salaries and perks these guys paid themselves and their cronies for so many years. It goes to show that even long time corruption comes to an end eventually.

Car burglary warning

4.26.11 George Malamphy sentenced for vehicular manslaughter

Rio Dell Planning Commission to meet tomorrow night 6:30pm. Agenda includes discussion of medical marijuana dispensary ban, etc.

Public hearing tonight 5:00pm re. CDBG "funding proposal"- there is absolutely no further information available from the city regarding the "public hearing."

Bell CA looking to tap into secret $4.5 mil. account to cover budget deficit - Los Angeles Times

4.25.11 Armed felon stabs self - tazed by EPD officers

Veterans for Peace to host 2011 Peace Poetry Celebration

Affordable housing developer accused of "pervasive fraud;" bilking taxpayers of at least $182 million in grant money- Los Angeles Times Rio Dell has received millions of dollars towards housing in the past yet the situation continues to deteriorate. RCAA has been administering the city's housing rehab program for years now; charging very large fees along the way. Everyone takes a piece of the pie and the home owner as well as the taxpayer are the ones to pay the price for others greed. Think about how nice Rio Dell could be if that housing money had been used the way it was intended or if the building codes were actually enforced fairly.

4.24.11 Happy Easter!

Peeps contest winners - Seattle Times A fun annual contest that has become an Easter tradition

Pot wars: private land new frontier in California - San Francisco Chronicle

4.23.11 Montebello CA facing insolvency, millions of dollars unaccounted for- Los Angeles Times State orders rare audit of the books as evidence shows years worth of false or inaccurate financial reports hiding the missing money. Back room dealings with cronies has run that city into the ground. The Rio Dell Compensation Committee Report describes a similar financial insolvency problem if drastic changes aren't made. There has been no further discussion of the severe problems identified in that report.

Community events updated!

Health insurance: when prevention and treatment mix, who pays? - Los Angeles Times Insurance companies deny covering preventative testing any way they possibly can; risking people's lives for higher profit.

Wanted parolee Brian Mello taken into custody by EPD K9 teams

FOIA request for extension of time to comply by city attorney - Original request - denial of request - response to denial

EPD introduces new K9 team

Consumer fraud alert - local senior targeted in lottery scam

KSLG (KSlug) 10th anniversary party

April 27th planning commission meeting to consider ban on medical marijuana dispensaries

4.21.11 Meghan Stewart pleads guilty to sexual abuse

Stolen vehicle recovered, suspect arrested

4.20.11 Fire leads to commercial grow bust on 3rd St.

Major League Baseball seize control of Dodgers - Los Angeles Times

Board of Supervisors issues proclamation re. CAST

4.19.11 EPD hires Pamlyn Millsap as homeless Liaison

EPD releases results of community survey

Missing person Wayne Lovell found safe

4.18.11 Rio Dell City Council meeting Tues. April 19, 2011 5:00 study session 6:30 regular meeting Includes budget study session, establish speed limits on certain streets, etc.

Fortuna loan officer, Delores Reeves, arrested for mortgage fraud

Drugs seized; heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, multiple arrests more!

Humboldt County hosting community meetings re. 2011-2012 budget

Michael Coen sentenced to 21 years for 7.2.10 shooting

Officer Daniel Kalis arrested for multiple criminal charges

4.17.11 Wealth care - Northcoast Journal How the current tax system redistributes wealth to the top tier. Don't believe the partisan lies over taxes. If you are not outraged then you're not paying attention.

In Oregon, medical pot and guns go hand in hand - Los Angeles Times Oregon Supreme Court to decide whether medical marijuana users have the same right to a concealed weapons permit as everyone else.

4.16.11 Lanesboro MN, a case study in small town revitilization This is a perfect example of the potential that a Rails to Trails project has for economic development in small towns similar to Rio Dell.

Tax Day Rally to protest corporate tax dodgers Monday April 18th

Despite financial crisis, no prosecutions of Wall St. - New York Times In fact, the culprets are reaping massive bonuses while dodging their already minimal taxes. Their $20 million+ annual lobbying efforts are more than paying off.

Toxic chemicals injected into wells in at least 13 states, Congressional report says - New York Times

4.15.11 Arthur Wilson sentenced in workers compensation fraud case

CalTrans protest assault suspect

4.14.11 Criminal charges filed against EPD Officer

Two arrested for drug sales, weapons and child endangerment on Albee St.

4.13.11 Missing Person Wayne Ray Loveall

4.12.11 Building inspectors arrested for taking bribes - Los Angeles Times Bribes paid for passing substandard work, illegal permits, etc., sound familiar Rio Dell?

4.11.11 Mother and son arrested for meth sales at local motel

Fernbridge Cafe' operator charged

Home invasion robbery in Weitchpec

Humboldt County jail inmates to donate crafts to the less fortunate

4.10.11 Rio Dell attorney denies records request - Read our response here Once again, the city gets bad legal advice...

Building inspectors with history of fraud/incompetence slipping through the cracks - Sacramento Bee The article only touches on the tip of the iceburg with this problem. Lives are put at risk everyday by inspectors willing to look the other way and ignore the most severe health & safety structural failures.

California Watch - excellent source of investigative reporting

The April 5th, 2011 Rio Dell City Council meeting is online! Rails for Trails discussion.*Don't miss councilmember Leonard asking why he should vote for something that he personally doesn't benefit from. A perfect example of the greed and selfishness that has a stranglehold on the community. The concept of representing the city's best interests rather than his own is lost on Leonard.

4.8.11 Donavan Baltzley arrested for animal cruelty in Eureka, again

Access Humboldt statement regarding House attack on net neutrality today

Scotia School fundraiser dinner and auction April 9th, 2011 flyer Come support the music program and the school which is facing $78,000 in budget cuts!

4.7.11 3rd St. heroin house raid nets two arrests

What is holding up a budget deal? - Washington Post The federal government is being held hostage by the anti-women legislators that insist of defunding Planned Parenthood, a primary provider of women's cancer screenings and healthcare. The GOP is also insisting on preventing the EPA from enacting rules governing clean air, coal mining and climate change. Just to name of couple of their partisan demands.

GOP Medicare privatization plan costs seniors much more, according to nonpartisan analysis - Los Angeles Times

4.6.11 Community Events updated

4.5.11 Grow house busted on H St. in Eureka; Jesse Breckels arrested

4.4.11 The March 15th, 2011 Rio Dell City Council meeting is online!

4.3.11 Eureka Police Department zero tolerance distracted driver enforcement

4.2.11 Rio Dell City Council meeting Tues. 4th at 6:30pm Council Packet There is a 5:30pm closed door meeting involving a conference with legal counsel over some anticipated litigation over the CDBG rehab loan portfolio. Approval of $239,040 land purchase in Metropolitan for wastewater disposal, street repair related issues, unmet transit needs public hearing and more are on the agenda. Read the council packet for details.

Congress still gets paid during government shutdown - MSNBC A proposal to ban their pay during a shutdown is opposed by some because they need the money more than others.

Ghilarducci sentencing delayed again - Times Standard

4.1.11 Fernbridge Cafe' operator arrested for putting customers at risk

Heroin, meth and 4 arrests by Eureka Police

Shipping jobs to China? - Northcoast Journal

Californians back raising taxes on state's wealthy - San Francisco Chronicle What a radical concept!


3.31.11 Nathan Trujillo pleads guilty to violently attacking a homeless man

Community events updated!

California community colleges slash enrollment, classes due to $800 million in budget cuts - Los Angeles Times

3.30.11 Hwy 101 closed both ways south of Sylvandale exit due to a massive mudslide

City manager and assistant indicted in Bell public corruption case- Los Angeles Times

Read the Emergency Moratorium Ordinance No. 271 which identifies the immediate threat to public health, safety and welfare being any development application by the property owners which would complicate the de-annexation process. "This is neccessary because a subdivision application could jeopardize detachment..." Ron Henrickson, City Manager. It is unlikely the massive mud slide just down the highway from us will make LAFCo more willing to resume the upkeep and liability for Blue Slide Rd. which the city assumed when it annexed that property.

Nationwide report shows continuing health challenges for rural communities

Access Humboldt offers audio editing workshop

3.29.11 Governor Brown declares budget talks dead - Los Angeles Times Once again the state budget is held hostage to a minority who are unwilling to do the tough job of compromise. Trying to solve the massive deficit by eliminating the safety net alone will only result in civil unrest and wide spread suffering by Californians. The GOP has been blocking any attempt to let the citizens vote on the issue since their corporate sponsors may not like the outcome.

Assault with a deadly weapon

Heroin possession arrest

Man arrested after fleeing into a River

Man arrested for making threats

Longtime city manager fired and city attorney replaced in tiny Cudahy City CA - Los Angeles Times "Hopefully, this is the start of encouraging other people in my community to get involved in the democratic system and not fear being attacked as I was attacked" Luis Garcia. He took the words right out of our mouths.

3.28.11 Update on Child death!

Assault near Garberville. More!

3.27.11 Scotia School fundraiser dinner and auction April 9th, 2011 flyer Come support the music program and the school which is facing $78,000 in budget cuts!

Former Prince George's county executive and council member spouse charged with taking bribes - Washington Post Long standing corruption and cronyism has finally been investigated in this small community as officials used CDBG Housing money to reward developers who provided bribes (among other things). Misappropriating the federal grant money results in federal charges for those involved or complicit. FBI White Collar Crime Unit: reporting fraud (immunity can be granted to those to come clean and report fraud).

Lying is protected free speech, according to the court - Washington Post

Rainbow of food dyes in our grocery aisles has a dark side - Washington Post Numerous kids are put on psychotropic medications due to behavioral problems that may be related to diet.

3.26.11 Rio Dell special meeting Tues March 29, 2011 10:00am "Public hearing/adopt negative declaration for CEQA compliance and approve resolution no. 1109-2011 approving the general plan housing element update (action)." There is absolutely no information publically available for this item so that the public can actually participate in the public hearing. Does this meet the legal minimum of a public hearing? Here is the draft housing element and draft environmental impact report from 2009 but who knows what the negative declaration for CEQA compliance refers to.

Government shut down increasingly likely as ideologues hold budget hostage to their demands - Reuters Demands are being made for partisan interests unrelated to the budget risking a default by the U.S. in a game of Russian roulette with the economy.

Rioters battle UK police after anti-cuts rally - Reuters Class warfare has been brewing for awhile as cuts to the safety net are enacted but Wall St. and the bankers who caused the economic crash are awarded bonuses. Teachers and public employees meanwhile are being cast as the "greedy" who are breaking the budget yet companies like GE pay no U.S. taxes and receive tax refunds in the millions while profits soar.

3.25.11 Humboldt County District Attorney's office issues alert re. local Craigslist rental scam

Missing person Elena Kester found safe

3.24.11 G.E. avoids U.S. taxes altogether, receives $3.2 billion refund - New York Times Only 6.6% of federal revenue comes from corporate taxes; that rate was 30% in the mid-1950's. Tax laws allow American companies to shelter their profits overseas to avoid paying taxes while still claiming tax credits which results in refund checks.

States move to slash unemployment benefits - Washington Post Well, they have to pay for those corporate tax breaks somehow!

Missing person Elena Kester more!!!

Humboldt Creamery dairymen address the court at Ghilarducci hearing; sentencing postponed into April - Times Standard

Rio Dell Compensation Committee Report featured on the Los Angeles Times an audit of city salaries uncovered some serious financial concerns about the future economic stability of the tiny Humboldt County community.

2004-2005 Humboldt County Grand Jury Report featured on the Los Angeles Times

3.23.11 Money missing after suspect redevelopment deal - Los Angeles Times alleged building code violations used to bully residents by cronies with the city; "essentially they cooked the books on this"

Ghilarducci sentencing may be postponed (yet again)- Times Standard

Triangle factory fire offers lessons 100 years later - Washington Post 146 mostly young women died in a factory fire after company fought union demands for sprinklers and accessible emergency exits.

3.22.11 House of Representatives votes to eliminate all but one poison control center - CNN

Prosecutors recommend over 3 year prison sentence for Ghilarducci - Times Standard Sentencing is expected tomorrow for the former Rio Dell mayor and Humboldt Creamery CEO for bank fraud.

Inspector fired for falsifying inspection records on train before crash that killed a 6 year old boy - Fox News The serious ramifications of incompetent or corrupt inspectors can not be overstated; whether they are inspecting rides or family homes, peoples lives hang in the balance.

3.21.11 Freedom of Information Request submitted to the city earlier today re. outcome of numerous closed door sessions concerning former public works director Jim Hale and former city manager Nancy Flemming, audit report and information concerning a special investigation into audit findings from 2009.

3.20.11 Ghilarducci asks for probation; says prison would be a slap in the face - Times Standard The former Mayor of Rio Dell and Humboldt Creamery CEO states he has "suffered the greatest" already. A number of former creamery members have written in support of Ghilarducci while others are still suffering from the financial fraud he committed.

Rio Dell Compensation Committee Report - Don't forget about the drastic changes that are being considered by the city. The report recommends considering disbanding the police department as well as city hall and moving to a community services district as one option for the city.

Washington vs. the merciless - New York Times The partisan fighting at all levels of our government is putting the country at risk as they fail to even address the very serious problems of the day. Their only interest is in "winning" the political game and that goes for both parties.

Anti-war activists arrested near White House as they mark 8th anniversary of start of Iraq war - Washington Post Have you seen any mainstream news marking the 8th anniversary of Bush's war? We haven't. The fact that we are still in two unending wars hardly makes the news at all any more. We hear more about celebrities going insane publically or facing jail time for stealing than the war.

The Japanese could teach us a thing or two - New York Times

3.19.11 UN coalition launches Libya attacks - BBCNews

Ongoing coverage of Japan disaster - BBCNews

Scathing CalPERS Special Review report - Los Angeles Times Public Records Project There is a major bribery scandal going on with CalPERS leadership at the same time unions are being attacked nationwide by political opportunists who have targeted unions for years. The end result is as always...the working folks get screwed over so a few at the top can profit.

CalPERS to drop Medco after bribery scandal - Sacramento Bee

3.17.11 Happy St. Patricks Day!

Melanie Blake sentenced to 10 years for stabbing in Orleans

CA lawmakers approve billions in cuts to services for the needy and disabled - Los Angeles Times

3.16.11 Teenager arrested after stealing a car and leading police on chase through Eureka

Rio Dell Building Department fraud These are some of the types of activities that have created the deteriorating housing situation in Rio Dell. Why no underground utilities at new construction like the two houses built by Joe Enos behind city hall or the identical houses built by Myers Construction at Painter & May St.? Why no ADA required access ramp at the newer sidewalk on the corner of Ireland & Center St. at the schools? The short driveway nearby doesn't meet the slope requirements. These are just a couple of examples.

3.15.11 Welcome to new Rio Dell Housing Director Kevin Caldwell! We wish him luck as he begins to deal with the deteriorating housing situation in Rio Dell despite millions in CDBG money coming in to town and being administered by Redwood Community Action Agency specifically to rehabilitate housing in the city. The question "where did all the money go?" will need to be answered at some point. The 2004 Humboldt County Grand Jury Report regarding the first time homebuyers program in Rio Dell can be read here. A good third party article on our own experiences with the program can be read here.

Bell CA: city manager steered millions in city business to friends engineering firm - Los Angeles Times

Faced with layoffs, Humboldt County offers voluntary leave bonuses - Times Standard

Nuclear crisis deepens as third reactor loses cooling capacity - Washington Post

Factory closures in Japan batter tech industry - Seattle Times

What if we're not broke? - Washington Post

3.14.11 Suspected pipe bomb found near Social Services office in Eureka

States spend almost four times more on incarcerating prisoners than educating students - Fox News

CalPERS corruption: scathing report detailing bribery scandal released - Los Angeles Times

Upland CA mired in municipal scandal - Los Angeles Times The mayor is arrested on federal corruption charges; more indictments are expected as the other city staff knew what was going on and did nothing.

Coverage of the continuing tragedy in Japan at BBCNews Meltdown alert at nuclear reactor

House GOP targets California in an attack on states rights and public health - San Francisco Chronicle Using the gas prices as a convenient excuse, idealogues target clean air legislation as favor to the largest polluters/donors

Citizen watchdogs are what Sunshine Week is all about - Sacramento Bee

3.13.11 Rio Dell City Council Meeting Tues March 15th 5:30pm study session 6:30pm regular meeting Study session regarding proposed subdivision and zoning changes at May St. property. The regular agenda is packed with too many items to list here, please review the agenda. Considering the way the existing May St. "non subdivision" was handled, it would be in everyone's best interest to keep a very close eye on future projects.

Burglar caught in the act

3.11.11 Tsunami warning for California and Oregon downgraded to an advisory (4pm pst)

Four arrested for meth and heroin sales in Eureka

Video of tsunami surge coming up the Mad River in Humboldt County

Press release re. tsunami warning which remains in effect with aerial photos (2pm pst) The pictures were taken by the Sheriff's Air Auxilliary

Second updated press release re. local emergency Stay away from the coast!

Fort Bragg docks ripped away by tsunami surge - Los Angeles Times

Radiation levels 1000 times normal at Japanese nuclear facility - BBCNews

Japan's strict building codes saved lives - New York Times Japan's enforcement of the health & safety building codes prevented a much larger tragedy after the massive earthquake. Unfortunately, Rio Dell ignores even the most basic safety codes; such as failing foundations, 3x overstressed support beams, etc. Perhaps the new city manager, who is also an engineer, should take a very close look at the actions of the building department before it is too late. Here is the engineer's report on our home to start with; the report was written after multiple inspections by Arnold Kemp of Kemp Inspection Service where no problems were found.

Humboldt County voluntary evacuation press release Updated!

Tsunami waves begin to hit U.S. mainland coast - AP News Crescent City is expected to be hit hardest

Humboldt County Tsunami Warning press release - stay away from Eureka until further notice and evacuate from any coastal areas immediately! All Eureka City Schools closed!

Pacific tsunami warning center

Tsunami warning up and down the California coast after 8.9 earthquake hits Japan - MSNBC

Five foot waves expected to hit Humboldt this morning - Times Standard

Judge allows independent review of Squires' properties - Times Standard

2-week deadline for PG&E's SmartMeter opt-out plan - San Francisco Chronicle

3.10.11 Rio Dell pursues de-annexation - Humboldt Beacon

Unattended child drowns UPDATE!!!

Access Humboldt highlights Sunshine Week and Freedom of Information Day

Victim Witness Program Recognized by United Indian Health Services 

3.9.11 Two arrested for heroin sales after parole search

March Rio Dell water bills not due until 4/26? That is what your water bill says.

New city council members promise to clean out city hall - Los Angeles Times The only way to combat the fraud that has ruined the city is to completely clean house! Rio Dell will have to do the same.

People v Bigleggins preliminary hearing was reset to April 6th. More to come!!!

3.8.11 Michael Kowtko Sr. arrested for heroin sales

People v Bigleggins: Leon Bigleggins has a disposition reset hearing for March 9th, at 2pm. Bigleggins is being held for allegedly beating to death a 4 year old child.

The March 1st Rio Dell City Council Meeting is online.

The March 1st Joint Planning Commission City Council Study Session is online.

County supes to discuss Scotia special election- Times Standard A special election could be held as soon as August 30th for the Community Services District.

Budget theatrics that cost us all - McClatchy

3.6.11 California coastal cities prepare for rising sea levels - Los Angeles Times The reality of rising sea levels forces even climate change deniers in local governments to deal with the issue. While the issue of cause is still hotly contested, the simple fact that sea levels are rising and climate changes are occurring can't be ignored any more.

The February 15th Rio Dell City Council meeting is online.

NOTE: City cites unidentified threat to public health, safety and welfare as reasons for moratorium against development. This has never been mentioned in the public hearings.

3.5.11 How Germany became the China of Europe - Time Germany focuses on keeping manufacturing within the country as much as possible rather than outsourcing it as American companies do. As a result, Germany is thriving in the current economic climate as their exports rise.

Massive criminal investigation into airline industry conspiracy by Justice Dept.- NPR Airline executives have gone to jail in this ongoing investigation that has been kept generally quiet despite the hundreds of millions of dollars estimated to have been bilked from the public.

3.4.11 Why lie about it? City moratorium due to 'current and immediate threat to public health' according to the city - Humboldt Beacon However this isn't true! Read Community Events for more discussion

Sunshine Week is coming up March 13-19! Your right to know what is going on in your local government is just as important as your responsibility to participate!

City clerk testifies she was ordered to doctor employee contracts - Los Angeles Times

3.2.11 Embattled city fights to survive - Sacramento Bee "They act as a fiefdom, for the benefit of the handful of people that control it"

Court overturns key Coastal Commission rule - Sacramento Bee

3.1.11 Rio Dell estimates the cost of un-annexing the Blue Slide Rd. area along with some property in Metropolitan at $10,000-$12,000 out of the general fund. City Manager Henrickson pointed out this is far less expensive than having to repair that road in the future. The application to un-annex the property will need to go before LAFCo to decide.

Justices question need for warrant for child - Los Angeles Times

The February numbers are in Rio Dell Times on track to double the data moved for 2011 we moved 20.29 Gigs in this last month alone! That's 2,289 unique visitors with 7,204 visits from around the world.


2.28.11 Visalia man convicted on drug charges as third strike

New Humboldt County court processes up to sixty misdemeanor cases a day

Rio Dell City Council Meeting Tues. March 1st Agenda 5:30 Study Session 6:30 Regular Meeting Study session includes discussion of medical marijuana dispensaries and the un-annexation of Blue Slide Rd. An earlier application for a dispensary resulted in a moratorium against all dispensaries in Rio Dell.

2.27.11 Felony sexual assault arrest

2.26.11 Supreme court to hear landmark child abuse investigation case - San Francisco Chronicle At issue is the right of CWS to interview a child without a warrant or parental consent when abuse by the parent is suspected.

2.25.11 New Zealand shows importance of strong building codes - Los Angeles Times Following building codes, particularly in earthquake prone areas, is a matter of life and death. The failure to enforce even the most basic health and safety codes puts everyone in danger.

Driver arrested with a bunch of methamphetamine, heroin more!

Humboldt County Sheriff off-Highway Vehicle Grant Application available for public comment more!

2.24.11 California commission recommends cutting pensions for existing public state and local employees - Sacramento Bee Full commission report can be read here

MIssing Person JH Jones

March 10th meeting of the Humboldt Rose Society flyer

2.23.11 New search warrants served as corruption probe widens - Los Angeles Times

2.22.11 Fake travelers checks warning

Free Incredible Years! parenting program offered in Fortuna

Abandoned boat in Fields Landing (pictures)

2.21.11 Wis. budget plan more about breaking unions and political calculation than anything else - Seattle Times In a standard "divide and conquer" maneuver, public and private sector is being pitted against each other. Wall St. and those responsible for the economic crash have reaped huge profits from trashing the economy and they get away free and clear.

The tea party is winning - Washington Post

2.18.11 Luther Joseph convicted of DUI

2.17.11 Six city council members ordered to stand trial, Judge recommends more criminal charges be filed- Los Angeles Times

2.16.11 Deficit hawks and the games they play - Washington Post

2.15.11 Search warrant nets nearly one pound of meth and 3 arrests

Rio Dell finally ends free water perk for city employees, according to Mayor Woodall

UPDATED Missing Person-Found safe

Ghilarducci sentencing postponed again - Times Standard

2.14.11 Scotia, the last company town - Newsweek Photo gallery - Don't miss page 4 of the in-depth article which refers to the recent annexation attempt; described as "the worse of two evils." Rio Dell described itself in a 2007 economic report as a 'run-down community with an inferiority complex.'

City manager ordered documents falsified, city clerk testifies - Los Angeles Times In an accompanying story, email between the chief of police and the assistant city manager joke about stealing all the towns money.

Coen Acknowledges Responsibility for July 2, 2010 Shooting More!!!

Arthur Wilson found guilty of workers compensation fraud More...

2.13.11 Rio Dell City Council Meeting Tues 15th 6:30pm - Agenda Includes discussion of business license ordinance, fees and taxes, approval of labor agreements, public hearing re. surplus property ordinance, etc. *Don't forget to watch the 2.1.11 Study Session online regarding de-annexing property; Rio Dell put itself on the hook for maintaining and repairing the road at Blue Slide in one of the annexations. The city will have to pay to study and submit an application to LAFCo asking to have the county take back some property annexed in an ambitious and ill-conceived expansion.

Luxury hotels built with subsidies meant to help poor communities - Seattle Times

Man dies after denied help outside hospital door - Register Guard

2.12.11 California Supreme Court rules retailers can't ask for zip code - CNN

2.10.11 The February 1st Rio Dell City Council and Planning Commission Study Session is online!

Free carseat inspections by Humboldt County DHHS, Fortuna Wed. the 16th from 11:00 to 2:00 Flyer

Reduced cost firewood available to low-income families by HCSO - call 441-5113 for details

2.9.11 Heroin busts in Humboldt uncover ties to Mexico - Times Standard

2.8.11 L.A. considers annexing Vernon if the city is disincorporated - Los Angeles Times

Audit finds California courts' computer project far over budget and urges suspension - Los Angeles Times

Bradlee Sanders, 24, of Eureka entered guilty pleas today before Judge Timothy P. Cissna in Humboldt Superior Court. More!!!

2.7.11 Bell officials reject plea deal; critics say two years isn't enough - Los Angeles Times

Witness sought!!!

2.6.11 Judge to go on trial in 'kids for cash' bribery scheme - ABC News Yet another example of a corrupt judge who ruins peoples lives for personal gain

2.5.11 President Bush's Swiss visit cancelled after complaints on torture - Reuters The former President can't travel abroad due to the risk of being arrested and tried as a war criminal for his admitted torture of detainee's.

Suspected drive by shooting in Eureka

2.4.11 Five myths about Ronald Reagan's legacy - Washington Post

Community events updated

Missing Person 15 year old Alana Hollis located

2.3.11 Chase Bank was complicit in Bernie Madoff fraud, according to investigator - MSNBC

Missing Person 15 year old Alana Hollis.


1.31.11 News channel 3 reports on Rio Dell city staff cuts, residents were not willing to comment on camera due to fear of retaliation according to reporter Matt Mendes

Firearm/drug arrest

City Council/Planning Commission Meeting Tues. Feb. 1st. 5:00pm (regular meeting 6:30pm) Agenda Includes the de-annexation of Blue Slide Rd. and Metropolitan, development of Dinsmore Plateau (where we currently dump the treated sewage), public hearing re. wastewater rate adjustments, etc.

1.30.11 Thousands in Pakistan rally against American - MSNBC This has the potential of blowing up into a huge international crisis

Guard strangled at Washington State prison - Seattle Times The guard was the victim of budget cuts

Attempted homicide arrest in Southern Humboldt

1.29.11 House abortion bill redefines rape, incest exceptions - Yahoo News

Gov Brown orders cut in state vehicle fleet - Sacramento Bee

1.27.11 Commercial marijuana grow operation busted

Parolee arrested for heroin sales in Eureka

Bill proposes to sell pot through state liquor stores - Seattle Times

1.26.11 Republicans urge a return to workplace immigration raids - Los Angeles Times Deportations of illegals are up for two years running and penalties are being imposed on the companies that hire them, as they should. Republicans are asking for the focus to go back to ineffective mass raids that cost taxpayers a lot while producing minimal results rather than directing efforts towards employers who are profitting from the illegals work which has proven to be more successful.

Squires and city debate building violations in court - Times Standard Squires states he has had a building inspector check and no health & safety code violations were found at any of his properties. I wonder which inspector he used?

The January 18th 2011 Rio Dell City Council meeting Online!!!

Raising false alarms - New York Times "The haves so often get a perverse kick out of bullying the have-nots"

Missing person William Pickett Found!

1.25.11 Gun raids show Mexican cartels at work in Arizona - MSNBC

Judge throws out ban on online ammo sales - MSNBC

Ghilarducci sentencing shelved, again - Times Standard Humboldt Creamery CEO and former Rio Dell Mayor Rich Ghilarducci's sentencing for the financial fraud that took down the company now delayed until at least February. The plea agreement recommends a maximum sentence of five years, three months.

Republicans in Congress wrestle with dissent on budget cuts - Los Angeles Times Members of Congress are proposing to slash tens of thousands of jobs and eliminate the safety net for the average American in their new found emphasis of the deficit above all other concerns despite the state of the economy. The deficit ballooned after Obama took office due to his ending the accounting fraud that kept both wars off of the books.

Resurgent GM nips at Toyota's heels in sales race - Yahoo News Don't forget those that fought against Bush's bailout of the American auto industry; the same people that acted in record breaking time to bailout the Wall St. businesses that created the economic crash in the first place.

Two suspects arrested for burglary in Old Town

Tiny pharmacy turns whistle-blower on Medicare fraud - Los Angeles Times

More troops lost to suicide than combat in Iraq and Afghanistan for the second year in a row - Congress.org

1.24.11 Missing person William Pickett

Jack LaLanne, fitness guru, dies at 96 due to complications from pneumonia- Fox News "The only way you can hurt the body is not use it, inactivity is the killer and remember, it's never too late" Jack LaLanne

1.23.11 Marines pay a high price trying to secure an Afghan hot spot - Los Angeles Times

Ronald Reagan's centennial: celebrating a myth - Los Angeles Times

CA Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg urges support for tax ballot measure - Sacramento Bee "There is no money"

1.22.11 County executive opens up on need to fight corruption - Washington Post This is a perfect example of what Rio Dell needs to do in order to move forward. "[T]he public needed to see visibly that we were going in a different direction and with different people in there" Prince George County Executive Rushern Baker said after replacing a number of officials. "We're not going to move beyond what people think about us unless we take some concrete, demonstrative steps..." (Ibid).

Community events updated re. proposed drastic changes in Rio Dell

Loleta woman arrested in death of infant, endangerment of second child - Times Standard

Republican spending plan signals a new culture war - Washington Post Their proposal concentrates on long time targets such as PBS, plans on eliminating prevailing wage to target unions and wipes out tens of thousands of jobs across the country; in addition to numerous other attacks on the working class.

Officials fear bath salts are growing drug problem - Washington Post

1.21.11 DA's office files lawsuit against Floyd Squires - Times Standard

Supreme Court rules to protect prosecutorial misconduct no matter what - Los Angeles Times

1.20.11 FBI and police arrest more than 100 in mob sweep - New York Times

1.19.11 Thousands trapped inside police shooting perimeter in Woodland Hills CA - Los Angeles Times

1.18.11 Rio Dell City Council meeting tonight 6:30pm. The agenda was not posted on the city website and no agenda's distributed via email prior to tonight's meeting but we were finally able to go down to city hall to view the copy on the bulletin board and confirm. The city will be holding a public hearing tonight on the significant changes outlined in the Compensation Committee Report.

Due to budget cuts, as of April 1, 2011, Medi-Cal will not pay for drugs that have acetaminophen in them and you can buy without a prescription

1.17.11 Humboldt County Sheriff's Deputy stabbed More!!!

1.16.11 Burglar arrested in Old Town

Smart study on SmartMeters? Statewide science council releases report - Times Standard

Health & Human Services to take biggest hit in proposed state budget cuts - Times Standard

1.15.11 Drug suspects may have ties to Mexican cartels - Times Standard "EPD officers stumbled into something that's a lot larger than just a simple pot bust"

1.13.11 EPD search warrant nets meth, assault weapons and 3 arrests

Oregon Ducks take over as the leader of the Pac-10, to California's chagrin - Los Angeles Times

1.12.11 A few comments regarding the Compenstation Committee Report in Community Events

Stabbing at local motel

1.11.11 Governor orders state workers to turn in 48,000 cell phones- Los Angeles Times

Armed robbery at Loleta market - surveillance images included

1.10.11 Missing juvenile search and rescue

Parolee arrested with loaded weapon in Eureka

1.9.11 Anatomy of Governor Brown's budget plan - Sacramento Bee The budget slashes education, closes state parks and dismantles the economic safety net in California just as it is needed most.

1.8.11"Does she have any enemies?" "Yeah, the whole tea party!" Gabrielle Giffords father Spencer Gifford - Telegraph.uk

Democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona critically injured in shooting that has left six others dead including a 9 year old girl and 12 wounded - MSNBCGiffords was targeted by Sarah Palin with the infamous crosshairs placed on her and other democrats online; it looks like Palin has gotten her wish.

1.7.11 Video taped assaults on disabled women in LA County; evidence was left anonymously at the police station - MSNBC

The Education Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act of 2010 signed into law August 10, 2010 repealed the Advance EITC. After December 31, 2010, workers will not receive Advance EITC in their paychecks. - IRS.gov Taxpayers could still apply for the Earned Income Credit with their yearly taxes but the portion that comes monthly in working parents paychecks is terminated.

2nd person dies after being denied medical treatment by Arizona - AZ Central Lack of medical coverage creates the very "death panels" that partisans are using to try and end the minimal health plan that was passed.

Audit finds Bell could have trouble providing basic services - Los Angeles Times City may cut services, lay off employees and is considering disbanding its police force

1.6.11 Eureka motel raid results in 4 arrests and a stolen loaded weapon

Robbery arrests

Fed and California officials vow to fight Blue Shield hike - Sacramento Bee

1.5.11 Rio Dell Compensation Committee Report - this report details the proposal to drastically change the future of Rio Dell. Options include un-incorporating the city and forming a community services district or a significant restructuring of city hall including the elimination of 6 positions (3 sworn officers, 1 non-sworn officer, 1 public works and 1 finance dept positions). See Community Events for further discussion.

Attempted murder suspect arrested in Eureka

Oregon police chief killed during struggle - CNN

Blue Shield of California seeks rate hikes of as much as 59% for individuals - Los Angeles Times

Governor Brown takes a hard look at Prop. 13 - Los Angeles Times

Jacob Steele has been charged with the murder and is incarcerated at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility pending trial. More!!!

1.4.11 The City of Rio Dell recently completed a study regarding the future and major changes are on the table; including a proposal to eliminate six city employees (3 sworn officers, 1 non-sworn officer, 1 public works and 1 finance dept positions). A copy of the study will be posted tomorrow according to City Manager Ron Henrickson. Un-incorporating the city and becoming a Community Services District is also discussed in the report. Citizens would save money on utilities but other areas may suffer, according to the report. More information will be coming!

City Council votes 5-0 for a moratorium against installation of the state mandated SmartMeters

California Supreme Court rules no warrant needed to search cell phones, etc. - MSNBC "the court has left the 4th Amendment in tatters..." Jonathan Turley, Constitutional law expert

Search warrant results in the arrest of 2 brothers

Search warrants yield marijuana, firearms; four arrested - Times Standard Two of those arrested are County employees

Don't forget tonights Council meeting at 6:30pm! Agenda

1.2.11 Strong arm robbery on Broadway

1.1.11 Happy New Year!

2011 Year of the Rabbit

Humboldt's top 10 stories of the year - Times Standard


12.31.10 End of the year wrap-up in Community Events

12.30.10 Rio Dell City Council Meeting Jan. 4th, 2011 6:30pm Agenda Includes report on sewer rate increase schedule, multiple water claim adjustments, approval of payment for services related to the Scotia annexation, 3 public hearings and an "urgent" moratorium on state mandated Smartmeter installation, etc. The council packet with all supporting documents can be read here. *The proposed rate increase will go into effect March 1st. The current basic sewer rate is $60.13 per EDU; the new rate will be either $68.37 or $69.70 (a 13-15% increase).

12.28.10 Part 2 of the December 7th, 2010 Rio Dell City Council meeting is online!

How Bell hit bottom - Los Angeles Times There are a lot of lessons Rio Dell needs to learn from the example of Bell!

12.27.10 Federal agency cracks down on the use of credit checks in job screenings - Los Angeles Times

Looking back at Schwarzenegger - Los Angeles Times

12.26.10 Proposed Constitutional amendment attacks the balance of power designed by the Founders - New York Times

Repeal of 14th Amendment would eliminate "equal protection under the law" but the talking points only refer to the birth right citizenship component - Fox News Why do those that proclaim their devotion to our Constitution push the hardest to wipe out its protections and balance of power?

Year in review: legal stories we should have heard more about - Politics Daily

Lie of the Year - Politifact

12.24.10 Pentagon plan won't cover brain damage treatment for troops and vets - NPR

Damage from Southern California rains could top $60 million - Los Angeles Times

Navy training along Pacific coast draws fire - Sacramento Bee

12.23.10 Animal Shelter Open House

Sheriff's deputy faces child endangerment charges for fireworks accident - Times Standard

Humboldt Redwood to pay a portion of Pacific Lumber's water quality penalties - Times Standard

12.22.10 Child endangerment charges filed by the District Attorney's office

Robbery at Bayshore Mall

12.21.10 Congratulations! Mike Downey sworn in as Humboldt County Sheriff

12.18.10 Homicide Investigation in Orleans

12.17.10 Pipe bomb investigation

Home invasion robbery in Hoopa

12.16.10 Laylea Salas located safely!

POP Search Warrents Nets almost a quarter pound of methamphetamine, 3 arrests more...

Bell CA collected hefty fines in numerous "code-enforcement" cases - Los Angeles Times Arbitrary and vindictive use of fines and property confiscation by city officials brought in tens of thousands of dollars to this city/criminal enterprise.

12.15.10 People v Bigleggins: Leon Bigleggins preliminary hearing for the murder of a 4 year old child has been pushed all the way to March 18th 2011.

Part one of the December 7th Rio Dell City Council meeting is online!

You are in Rio Dell California United States of America. Hello to all of our global visitors that seem to have quite an interest in our site. Steve

12.14.10 Missing Person Lylea Salas

12.13.10 Rio Dell girl starts donation drive for Christmas - Times Standard

Rio Dell Community Resource Center

Free community dinner in Rio Dell December 17th, 2010 5:30pm

Let's bring 'em home! Bringing military families together for the holidays

Full council packet from the 12.7.10 meeting part 1 and part 2. Includes the "public hearing" information that was unavailable until after the meeting

12.12.10 The Federal Reserve? Ron Paul's not a fan - New York Times The for-profit private control of the U.S. monetary system by the non-governmental agency will be facing very tough scrutiny (finally).

LA school district considers allowing corporate sponsors - San Francisco Chronicle Truly pathetic!

12.10.10 Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tx.) defends WikiLeaks on house floor - Huffington Post

Navy fires massive electromagnetic railgun in record breaking test - MSNBC Be sure and watch the video!

12.9.10 Health bill for Sept. 11th responders falls short in Senate - Fox News Republicans block the bill once again as they fight only for the richest 2% of Americans.

House Democrats in open revolt over tax-cut deal - Los Angeles Times Estate tax give away to less than 3,000 of the wealthiest Americans in addition to extending the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2% is "just obscene" Rep. Schakowsky (D-Ill.) "We're talking about a handful of Americans that we should have to trade for millions of unemployed people, for millions more middle-income Americans." Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio leads the revolt against the total capitulation to Republican ransom demands. Good Job DeFazio!!

Search warrant at local motel nets 3 arrests for crack cocaine sales

Claim filed by state assemblyman to recover their 18% pay cut - Los Angeles Times This is the first step in filing a lawsuit against the state for approx. $2.5 million in lost wages for all of the legislators.

12.8.10 Bill targets Vernon's cityhood - Los Angeles Times The effort to dis-incorporate Vernon CA continues; "We cannot tolerate a situation where a handful of individuals are able to use an entire city as their own personal feifdom" Assembly Speaker John Perez. Sound familiar?

Rio Dell City Council "Study Session" is Online!

12.7.10 Sewer rate increase coming right after the new year. The $6 million dollar grant to fund the new wastewater system is in jeopardy as deadlines have passed. The city is now working on a very tight and optimistic time schedule to get the application completed or they will lose the grant. The city's sweetheart relationship with Winzler & Kelly appears to be coming to an end; the tension between them and the city was obvious as both sides deflected blame for the current crisis. Video of tonight's heated study session will be posted so check back!












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