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12.31.12 Robbery at Fortuna Best Western

Car jacking suspect, Marquis Madden, apprehended after high speed pursuit

Rio Dell city council to consider medical marijuana ordinance in public hearing Jan. 3rd 6:30pm

Possible explosive device found at Eureka/Arcata Airport

Residents rescued from house fire at residence on Rohnerville Rd.

12.28.12 Jason Shreeve wanted for assault with a vehicle in Eureka

Jason Kyle, Renelda Prudhomme arrested after drug bust at residence on Gatliff Ave.

12.27.12 Zachary Anaya arrested for marijuana, ecstasy, steriods, and more at residence in Fortuna

Assault with a hammer in Willow Creek leads to arrest of Gary Trievel

12.24.12 Jennifer Hermanski arrested for hit and run, assault with deadly weapon, and more...

Arson attempt and assault of officers with gasoline results in arrest of Ricardo Guerra in Redway

12.23.12 Pot farms wreaking havoc on North Coast - LA Times Humboldt County makes the news again

12.22.12 EPD releases DUI checkpoint results; 4 arrests, 3 impounded vehicles, no DUIs

12.19.12 Update! Victim of street racing collision remains in critical condition, witnesses are asked to call EPD

Headwaters fund grant writing workshop

Bear River Band of the Rohnerville Rancheria to pay for additional Deputy Sheriff position

Ponzi scheme fraud defendant charged with additional counts of money laundering while waiting for trial

12.18.12 Latest Game Build: "...and then there was something" version 1.05 release

12.16.12 Street racing in Eureka results in collision and critical injuries to uninvolved driver

12.14.12 Daniel Christie arrested after assaulting Deputies

Eureka Burglary: Marijuana, Guns, and Burglars taken into custody. More!!!

12.13.12 Rob Harvey arrested for burglary

Kevin Clausen arrested after stealing a Salvation Army kettle in Fortuna

12.12.12 Armed robbery in McKinleyville

Jonathan Michael Sorrell dies in custody

12.10.12 Rio Dell California Marijuana Investigation: Approximately 375lbs of marijuana including over 40 lbs of loose bud in pickle barrels. More!!!

Michael Sovereign arrested for meth, marijuana, and more

Richard Garnett arrested for stabbing roommates at residence on Ridgewood Dr.

Joseph Donald Ray arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, two additional suspects sought

Search & rescue for missing hikers successful

12.8.12 The 12.4.12 city council meeting is online!

12.7.12 Gun shot victim found staggering on Hwy 36 near Bridgeville

Brian Fleming pleads guilty to methamphetamine sales while on bail from an earlier arrest for dealing drugs, sentenced to 10 years

12.6.12 Discovery Museum in financial crisis, doors may close

12.5.12 Large-scale marijuana grow busted at former Eel River Sawmill site in Rio Dell, 3 arrested - Willits News

Former drug task force commander pleads guilty to stealing drugs to distribute, phony 'sting' operations, and more

12.4.12 Missing person under suspicious circumstances

12.3.12 570 pounds of crystal meth seized, valued at over $6 million dollars; eleven arrested

Armed robbery at 76 gas station in McKinleyville

12.2.12 Flood Warning issued for Humboldt County - roads closed due to flooding, mud slides

12.1.12 City Council meeting Tues. 6:30pm Agenda Packet Closed door session re. Wolff v. City of Rio Dell suit re. public record release 6:00pm

Flood warning issued for Eel River at Fernbridge as rain continues


11.30.12 Rio Dell proposed medical marijuana regulations (pages 9-30 of Planning Commission packet)

Update to animal cruelty/abandonment case

Sex registrant compliance sweep across county (Rio Dell not included)

Drug kingpin sentenced to more than 20 years in federal prison

11.29.12 Final election report is in; Measure J fails with only 55.61% Yes (66% required to pass). The voter turn-out rate for Rio Dell was 65.92% which is pretty good based on past years.

Animal cruelty/abandonment at North Jetty leads to the death of a puppy

Helen Singh sentenced to 9 years in prison for sex trafficking

County animal shelter to host Holiday Open House Sat. December 8th

Area Flood Advisory, Flood Watch, Wind Advisory (US Severe Weather)

So, Jimmy Kimmel Doesn’t Think Humboldt State’s New Weed Institute Sounds All That Necessary North Coast Journal

11.28.12 Melvin Benjamin of Blue Lake arrested on warrants out of Georgia

Complaint filed against Humboldt County IHSS re. denied wage increase for home health workers - Redwood Times

11.27.12 Narcotics investigation leads to arrest of Casey Hunter, Robert Tyson, Steven Ridley

Rhododendron Society Holiday Event

11.26.12 Community mourns family swept out to sea - Sacramento Bee

Couple drowns trying to save family dog, 16 year old son still missing - KTVU

11.25.12 Two die after being swept out to sea near Big Lagoon, teen still missing - Sacramento Bee

11.24.12 The 11.20.12 city council meeting is online! Includes discussion of proposed improvements to city hall which would be funded by $1 million in reserves, new Welcome to Rio Dell sign to be installed at Eagle Prairie Bridge, etc.

11.22.12 Crescent City building 'tsunami resistant' port - Salon

11.21.12 Michael & Vera Greenwood arrested after DA's office searches residence in Fieldbrook

Significant increase in vehicle burglaries reported

Mail theft advisory issued

11.20.12 Residence on "O" St. raided for large commercial grow, Robert Barfield arrested

Death of Dorothy Ulrich ruled homicide

11.19.12 Robbery and kidnapping at Blue Lake Casino, Donald Lester and Zachary Davis arrested

Large grow operation busted in foreclosed home on Fox Hill Ln. Fortuna

Terry Matlock arrested after stabbing victim with a knife on Hwy 36 in Carlotta

Robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping in McKinleyville

"All local measures pass — except Rio Dell’s road bonds" More!!! Humbold Sentinel

UpState RailConnect Committee Kicks off East-West Rail Feasibility Study Process

11.17.12 High wind warning issued for tomorrow as heavy rain continues

11.16.12 Rio Dell City Council meeting Tuesday 6:30pm Agenda Packet - agenda includes closed door discussion of Wolff v. City of Rio Dell suit over public records, initiation of wastewater rate study (usually the first step in raising rates), design concepts for Welcome sign at Eagle Prairie Bridge, etc.

Second R Street house associated with Kevin Hulcy busted for large grow operation, guns, etc.

11.15.12 Beatrice Runner, Steven Upton arrested for drug sales, guns, etc. after squatting at residence on Bay St.

11.13.12 Kevin Hulcy arrested at residence on R St. Eureka for marijuana sales and other charges

11.12.12 The November 8th, 2012 Rio Dell City Council meeting is online. City Council ends contract with Miranda's Rescue over cost dispute and huge discrepency between the police and Miranda's on the number of dogs brought in by Rio Dell, business owners on Wildwood Ave. will have to pay for any needed sidewalk repairs themselves as this won't be included in the streetscape improvement project, and much more...

A decade of secret U.S. drone killings - Bureau of Investigations

Community events updated!

11.11.12 Happy Veterans Day! Support our veterans!

11.10.12 Jill Winnop arrested for burglary after pursuit, second suspect still sought

Grow house busted in Humboldt Hill area, charges include child endangerment

Organic fertilizer company president sentenced to federal prison after selling chemical fertilizer to organic farms

11.7.12 Measure J fails! Final tally Yes = 492 No = 404 54.91% Yes with 66% needed to pass.

Unopposed city council incumbent Jack Thompson only receives 46% while Frank Wilson received 49% of the vote. 39% of the voters didn't bother to vote for either one; write-in candidates received 4%.

Community Events updated regarding the election

11.6.12 Measure J precinct voter totals Yes = 252 No = 219 (54% Yes) Absentee ballots still to be counted - 66% needed to pass. Initial report of votes by mail totals Yes = 240 No = 185 (56.47% Yes)

VOTE!! SmartVoter.org Polls are open 7am - 8pm at Monument Middle School & Scotia Fire Hall

City Council Meeting Thurs. the 8th at 6:30pm Agenda Packet Meeting includes terminating the city contract with Miranda's Rescue over cost and disagreement on how many dogs the city brought in. Shannon Miranda states Rio Dell brought in 115 dogs in the last year and the city says it was only 38 in 2011. The city is proposing housing dogs in Fortuna at a cost of $200 per dog for 10 days. Parking ordinance to be approved, changes to Town Center ordinance, removal of Solid Rock as subcontractor for wastewater project, etc. *Solid Rock completed the horizontal drilling and installation of water laterals a few years ago which devolved into a lawsuit between the construction crew and the company over lost wages, etc.

11.5.12 Burglary arrest. More!!!

Game Update "...and then there was something."

11.4.12 Rio Dell Municipal Code is available online

Eel River Valley Regional Food Cooperative final report (2011) funded by the Headwaters Fund. Proposal involved creating a local foods distribution center at a Brownfields clean-up site (fka Eel River Sawmill) that was also going to house the new wastewater treatment plant. Thousands of dollars have been spent by the city to Planwest Partners in the preparation of this plan which was initiated under then city manager Nancy Flemming.

11.3.12 City Council meeting postponed until Thurs. 6:30pm due to elections. City hopes to pass Measure J, $2 million dollar bond that would raise property taxes to pay for resurfacing of approx. 80% of city streets. Flyer recently mailed out by city claims the streets would be "fixed" but the measure only involves resurfacing - there are no actual repairs, upgrades or improvements included.

Nonpartisan Congressional Research Service report taken offline by political pressure - New York Times The report can be read here

Arcata pushes back against large-scale grow operations - ABC News

11.2.12 Barricade suspect update

Jennifer Koopman arrested for commercial marijuana grow operation on Manzanita Ave.

11.1.12 Barricaded suspect More!!!

Michael Barchus arrested for burglary at residence on Loma Dr.


10.30.12 Shark attack at North Jetty

10.25.12 Don't bother coming in - North Coast Journal Hundreds of thousands of dollars paid out for administrative leave with the county. *If this story interests you then try reading the independent investigation into public works in Rio Dell...The city has redacted the names to make it look like one person was solely responsible but it is clear how many others are still involved.

10.24.12 Corruption in local government - Wikipedia "Lower levels of education which are often caused by poverty are seen as a factor which encourages corrupt government practices."

10.22.12 Michael Hoskin, Jason Shockley & Brittany Hawkins arrested for felony transportation

Residence on Sabertood Rd. Titlow Hill busted in ongoing investigation

Search & rescue for lost hikers near Blocksburg

10.20.12 Cudahy CA, yet another example of small town corruption - Los Angeles Times Three city officials arrested and charged with public corruption, finally! "The choices are clear, either stand up to them or shut up and continue to be a victim" Luis Garcia

Accident on Broadway sends pedestrian to hospital

Prostitution sting in Eureka nets 6 arrests

Linvell Williamson arrested for transportation of marijuana for sale, over 82 pounds seized in all

10.19.12 Humboldt Hill hash lab busted; Diana Rostow & Dylan Davis arrested

Timothy Scott Ramirez arrested in Fortuna for 8 outstanding warrants

10.17.12 Community events updated re. Measure J

Marijuana/hash lab busted in McKinleyville, three arrests

Jack Belk arrested for homicide after victim succumbed to injuries

Chou Vang, Vang Pao Yang & Pao Vang of Eureka face charges for significant environmental damage from illegal grow in King Range National Conservation Area

10.14.12 City Council meeting Tues. 6:30pm Agenda Packet - includes changes to parking regulations, town center designation, Measure J discussion (street paving bond measure 2nd attempt), etc.

10.12.12 $$$ Four Million Dollars of MJ Bud Seized $$$

10.10.12 Patric Cuspard arrested during bust of drug house on Searles St.

10.9.12 EPD raid of 'O' Street grow house yields guns, drugs, body armor and two arrests

High speed pursuit of stolen car on Hwy 101 results in arrest of Michael Marino

Home invasion and assault with a firearm at residence in Holmes Flat

10.7.12 Medical benefits of marijuana gets its day in court - The Guardian Oral arguments before the federal appeals court begins Oct. 16th as suit seeks to reclassify marijuana.

10.6.12 The 10.2.12 city council meeting is now online!

10.5.12 County asks property owners to delay paying their tax bill for now-corrections coming

Sara Gibson, Richard Moon arrested for gun possession and more

10.3.12 FYI - Rio Dell Headwaters grant application detailing over $15 million in current grants/loans received by the city (see pgs10-11). That is a lot of taxpayer money coming in to a city that chooses to ignore 'felony-level embezzlement' for years and spends even more money to keep the report buried.

10.2.12 Scotia power plant to close down - Lost Coast Outpost

10.1.12 City Council meeting Tues. Oct. 2nd 6:30pm Agenda packet

Lost Coast Outpost write-up of Hale Investigation report


9.30.12 Timeline of events surrounding Hale investigation - So far, over $100,000 spent to replace 'missing' equipment plus tens of thousands of dollars outlined in the report with missing equipment, city assets, personal favors done for a select few and on and on. The city has never publicly acknowledged the problems or any steps taken to prevent it from happening today. Keep that in mind as the multi-million dollar street paving bond measure comes up for another vote. Is there any reason to believe that anything has changed?

9.29.12 Arson suspected in multiple fires

Homicide in Hoopa under investigation

Three warrant suspects from Michigan taken into custody

Walk away escapee in custody

9.28.12 Assault on Peace Officer

9.25.12 Here is the redacted former Public Works Director Jim Hale Investigation Report. More to come? You bet!!! The 52-page report details 24 different allegations, including "felony-level offense embezzlement of property entrusted to Hale by the City." Community Events updated regarding the long awaited report.

9.22.12 The September 18, 2012 Rio Dell City Council Meeting is online. Discussion with city attorney on what the City Council can and can't do. City is trying yet another attempt to pass a street bond issue renaming it from Measure X to Measure J. If Measure J passes city wide property taxes will increase. More!!!

9.21.12 Naked man, Timothy Hansen, arrested at 76 Station in Eureka

Residential burglary results in two arrests

Brian Zimmerman, Jeremiah Funk arrested for large scale cultivation in Kneeland

Travis Morgan, Stewart Anderson arrested after residential burglary on Manzanita St.

State Responsibility Area (SRA) fee notices are going out to rural residents served by Cal-Fire

Daryl McGee arrested for indecent exposure in Eureka

Three arrested in stolen truck with assistance of K-9 after short pursuit

Don't get burned when buying firewood (public service announcement)

9.18.12 Large marijuana grow eradicated on Russ Ranch Property, Monument Rd. Rio Dell

Juliet Lorist arrested for cultivation at three different residences

Donald Endicott arrested for burglary of electronics from Walmart

Hugh Alan Liles arrested after two residences busted for indoor grow operations

Second suspect identified as David Robert Bullwinkle in attempted murder case

Thomas Smith arrested after bicycle pursuit through Eureka with one pound of marijuana

9.16.12 Shannon Hodgden arrested after robbing Mr. Fish on Broadway

9.15.12 City Council meeting Tues. the 18th a6 6:30pm Agenda Packet

Naked comabative woman arrested in Eureka

Travis Morgan arrested for attempted murder in Manila

William Wise pleads guilty to $130 million+ ponzi scheme

9.14.12 Arctic sea ice melts to smallest extent ever recorded - The Guardian Effects on the climate world wide accelerate as clearly demonstrated by increasing catastrophic weather events world wide

Sara Gibson, William Hall arrested seperately for drug and counterfeit money charges

Humboldt County general plan update about to be killed after 12 years of preparation - Humboldt Sentinel

Local rural bars featured including Mingo's Sports Bar in Rio Dell - North Coast Journal

USGS earthquake map

9.12.12 Chelsha and Justin Kirby arrested for marijuana grow operation in McKinleyville

Casey Campbell arrested for brandishing a firearm after being disarmed by victim

9.11.12 Victims of 9.11 Attack 11th Anniversary.

World Trade Center

Freedom Tower

See the worlds tallest building here

Matthew Bengtson arrested for marijuana cultivation in Fieldbrook

Assault at the Brass Rail Bar in Redway

Dutch Bros. Coffee robbed in Eureka

Minor decoy operation cites four Eureka stores for alcohol sales

9.8.12 David Downs arrested driving stolen car in Eureka

Lost Coast 4x4's host 13th Annual River Bar Clean-Up Sept. 16th

9.7.12 Assault with a deadly weapon in Old Town

Four arrests in Orleans area with firearm and drug charges

Lionel Harris sentenced to 10.5 years for smuggling drugs out of Shelter Cove after fleeing twenty years ago

9.5.12 Jack A. Jones, Jack E. Jones and Malcom Dollarhide arrested for large marijuana grow in Shively

Multi-agency drug bust at residential indoor grow in Fortuna

Marijuana grow busted in Blue Slide creek area

9.2.12 City Council meeting Tues. Sept. 4th 6:30pm Agenda Packet Includes $662,145.35 payment for work on the wastewater treatment plant project, continuation of emergency declaration for repair of the drainage ditch at Miller & Tyme, status report on wastewater project, etc. *Pipeline boring through town scheduled to begin Oct. 15th headed from wastewater treatment plant towards Metropolitan. City plans on putting the pipeline carrying treated wastewater 40' below the Eel River. Summary of project is in the agenda packet near the end.

Public records request in Wolff v. City of Rio Dell continues...stay tuned!


8.31.12 Humboldt County receives $700,000 grant for first-time homebuyer program. Hopefully it will be administered better than what we have seen in the past here in Rio Dell

County issues blue-green algae warning for local rivers including the South Fork Eel River

8.24.12 Welfare check leads to marijuana bust, Timothy Pratts arrested

Judi Hawks arrested for DUI hit and run in Eureka

8.23.12 Gang member Robert Wildman arrested with guns after car chase

Drunk driver Anthony Maillelle arrested in stolen car

Cole Christopher Foos arrested for burglary in Eureka

Multiple vehicles vandalized in Campton Heights area

Contaminated food from herbs & natural food store to be destroyed

13th annual Eel River Bar cleanup flyer

8.22.12 U.S. deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000 in 'forgotten' war - NBC News

8.21.12 William Robelen arrested after large marijuana grow busted in Dinsmore area

8.20.12 City Council meeting Tuesday Aug. 21st 6:30pm Agenda packet Includes denial of zoning change application for Albin property (Wildwood Ave & Painter St.), etc.

8.16.12 Multi-state investigation leads to half-million dollar seizure and arrest of Larry Treadaway

8.15.12 Marijuana investigation leads to arrest of Katie Simas, Kyle Black & Nathaniel Vincent

Armed robbery at North Jetty

Demarcus Conley arrested in Fortuna with assistance of K-9 unit

8.14.12 Have Obama and Romney forgotten Afghanistan? - The New Yorker

8.12.12 Arcata ordinance featured in Los Angeles Times

8.11.12 Richmond refinery fire investigation focusing on decades old pipe recently inspected - The Guardian Yet another example of the critical importance of safety inspections and competent inspectors.

8.10.12 Brian Mello arrested for carjacking in Eureka after being given a ride by a stranger

8.9.12 Two arrested after marijuana grow busted near Showers Pass

Burglary arrest near Bracutt Industrial Park

8.8.12 Drug deal gone bad results in arrest of Bronte Allen Cooper

Large marijuana operation busted near Hoopa (pictures added)

8.5.12 City Council meeting Tues. 6:30pm - Agenda packet Includes changing the part-time city manager position back to full-time for a period of time, approval of increased water rates, changes to specific employment agreements (including the city manager, chief of police, city clerk, etc.) and more...

8.3.12 Steven Trembly arrested for assault with deadly weapon

CEO of Herguan University, University of East-West Medicine faces 15 count indictment

Speed boat stolen in Eureka

8.2.12 Missing person Chris Banfil more!!!

8.1.12 Brian Zacharies arrested after hash lab bust at residence on Tompkins Hill Rd. Fortuna

Seven arrests, seven citations in Eureka after 'maximum enforcement operation'


7.30.12 Dixie Holder, McKenzie Tidd arrested for heroin sales at residence on H St. Eureka

Suspect sought after assault with deadly weapon in Alderpoint

7.25.12 High risk missing person, Christopher Banfill

Two men convicted for theft of credit/debit card information from Michaels Stores nationwide in card swipe scheme

Real estate developer pleads guilty to $16 million investment fraud

Robert and Danielle Mockwitz arrested after commercial grow operation busted in McKinleyville

Humboldt County library rolls out 'high powered, kid friendly' research database

Distraught woman rescued by deputy preventing her from falling from Redway Bridge

7.24.12 Homicide victim found at residence on G St. Eureka

Jessica Riley of Cutten arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after running over man in Safeway parking lot

Free speech case dismissed from courthouse protest arrest

Humboldt Roller Derby returns to Redwood Acres

7.21.12 Former Blue Lake police chief David Gundersen to be retried on weapons charges - Times Standard In the first trial it was found that Rio Dell police were in possession of multiple machine guns "loaned" illegally by Gundersen which were returned after the charges were filed. Original case history here...

Homeland Security initiates raids in Southern Humboldt, Arcata - Willits News Further details about the indictments of Samuell Pfeifle, Sean McFarland and Brandon Newell can be read at the Lost Coast Outpost

7.17.12 Explosives arrest more!!!

Home invasion robbery in Willow Creek results in three arrests

Two wanted for robbery after drug deal goes bad on Grant St.

Heather Bohannon arrested for assault with deadly weapon attack against her mother

Suspects identified in Eureka City School bus vandalisms

7.16.12 City Council meeting Tues. 6:30pm Agenda Includes preliminary remodel design for Kreations Auto Body, acceptance of petition signatures to place the failed street improvement bond measure back on the November ballot, etc.

7.15.12 July 10th, 2012 Rio Dell City Council meeting Onine. Discussion of one way streets. Approval of Employee contracts for pay raises of 3% and approval of failed bond measure for street improvement to be placed on November ballot.

7.13.12 Clarification re. 126 cited wastewater effluent discharge violations - complaint filed by regional water quality control board details 'serious violations' including 'waste discharge that violates the effluent limitations' for toxins such as 'total suspended solids, coliform bacteria and dichlorobromomethane' among others. The city has filed a request to have the $366,000 in fines waived due to plans for the upgraded wastewater treatment plant. The discharged effluent was released into the Eel River which has already had an ongoing problem with blue-green algae blooms resulting in public health warnings after 11 dogs died following exposure to toxic river water.

7.12.12 Louis Renee Prado arrested for meth sales in Eureka

$3.15 million dollar settlement in large worker's compensation fraud case against medical billing offices

Wells Fargo Bank settles mortgage fraud charges for $175 million dollars

7.11.12 Assault victim, Victor Morris, succumbs to injuries

Ryan Tanner arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after attack on Briceland Rd.

Council votes to put defeated street bond measure back on the Nov. ballot, approves 3% raises for city staff and to proceed with plans to change 1st & 2nd Ave. to one-way streets. Meeting video coming soon!

Protesters found not guilty of violating city ordinance at county courthouse

7.9.12 Nationwide utility bill scam alert! Government assistance to pay high utility bills is a lie being spread rapidly by facebook resulting in identity theft.

City Council, Planning Commission joint special meeting Tuesday July 10th 5:30pm Agenda Packet Includes discussion of one-way streets project, county general plan update, town center designation, etc.

7.7.12 New veterans homes sit empty despite waiting lists - California Watch

7.6.12 July 3rd, 2012 Rio Dell City Council meeting: Rio Dell Times Editor Sharon Wolff questions city regarding the $366,000 fines for the dozens of violations regarding sewage effluent releases into the Eel River between 2006 thru 2012.

Large drug bust at residence in McKinleyville, Eric Culbertson and Andrew Petrone arrested

Austin Koren, Melissa Elkin arrested after search warrant served at residence on Little Fairfield St. Eureka

7.4.12 Happy 4th of July!

Thomas Jefferson's vision under seige - Washington Post

7.2.12 Regional Water Quality Control Board complaint against Rio Dell alleging 126 seperate effluent limitation violations, etc. with a proposed mandatory minimum penalty of $366,000. Hearing to be held Aug. 23rd in Santa Rosa.

7.1.12 City Council Meeting Tuesday 6:30pm - Agenda packet Includes one-way streets designation in downtown area, consideration of placing defeated street improvement bond measure on Nov. ballot, status report on state budget impact on a portion of scheduled raises, re-consideration of zoning change for Wildwood Ave & Painter St. property, etc.

6.28.12 a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.28.12RobbyJacksonArrestedDrugSalesChildEndangerment.pdf">Robby Ray Farr Jackson arrested in Hoopa for drug sales, child endangerment, etc. a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.28.12RobbyJacksonArrestedDrugSalesChildEndangerment.pdf">

6.26.12a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.26.12PursuitAndArrest.pdf"> High speed chase of stolen vehicle ends in arrest after crash on Hwy 101

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.26.12Shooting.pdf">Drunk intruder shot at residence on Fickle Hill Rd.

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/EurekaPoliceDepartment/6.26.12EliAubryArrestedCarJacking.pdf">Eli Aubrey arrested for car jacking in Eureka

6.25.12 a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.25.12Stabbing.pdf">Stabbing - "When deputies arrived they found victims on the ground in various locations around the residence with several screaming for help."a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.25.12Stabbing.pdf"> More!!!

6.23.12 a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.21.12DrugBustAtGarbervilleMotel.pdf">Two arrested after drug bust at Garberville motela href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.21.12DrugBustAtGarbervilleMotel.pdf">

6.20.12 a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.19.12ResidentialBurglary.pdf">Residential burglary on Meadowood Ln. Eureka

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.19.12MissingPersonUpdate.pdf">Katherine Gillham remains missing as search continues

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/FortunaPoliceDepartment/6.20.12PhoenixRunningwolfArrested.pdf">Phoenix Runningwolf arrested in Fortuna after taking photographs of 4-year-old girl

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.20.12BurglarySuspectWanted.pdf">William Davis Kistler wanted in connection with burglary in McKinleyville

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.20.12BurglaryInGarberville.pdf">Joshua David Roberson arrested for burglary at B&B Auto Repair in Garberville

6.19.12a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/http://co.humboldt.ca.us/election/results/2012/2012jun-postelectionupdate.pdf"> Updated election numbers are in...Rio Dell's Measure X for street improvement bonds fails by a small margin. A total of 697 residents cast ballots with 62.7% in favor, failing to reach the required 66% by 23 votes (25 voters did not vote on the measure either way).

6.16.12 City Council meeting Tuesday June 19th 6:00 closed door session 6:30 public meeting - a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/CityCouncilRioDellCalifornia/6.19.12Agenda/index.htm">Agenda Closed door meeting with legal counsel re. lawsuit a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/FreedomofInformationAct/Wolffv.CityOfRioDell/3.5.12PetitionForWritOfMandate.pdf">Wolff v. City of Rio Dell to force the a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/FreedomofInformationAct/index.htm">release of public records. See a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/FreedomofInformationAct/index.htm">Freedom of Information Act for the ongoing saga as well as a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/CommunityEvents/index.htm">Community Events for a discussion of the issues. Agenda includes garbage rate increase, change in water deposit requirements, second attempt at approving/denying zoning change at Painter St. & Wildwood Ave. property, approval of operating budget, etc.

6.15.12a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/EurekaPoliceDepartment/6.15.12BrianFlemingArrestedForMethAtBlueLakeCasino.pdf"> Brian Fleming arrested with over 1/4 pound methamphetamine at Blue Lake Casino

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.15.12MissingPersonKatherineGillham.pdf">Missing person Katherine Gillham

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.15.12ResidentialBurglary.pdf">Residential burglary on Barscape Lane, Eureka

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.15.12TheftArrests.pdf">Theft on Kneeland Rd. leads to arrest of Michael Lourenzo, James Dixon

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/EurekaPoliceDepartment/6.15.12DaleBaldridgeArrested.pdf">Dale Dodge Baldridge arrested in Eureka with 57 grams heroin

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/EurekaPoliceDepartment/6.15.12TwoArrestsForDrugSales.pdf">Shannon Noonan, Jose Godoy arrested for drug sales after search warrants served at two residences

6.14.12 a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/http://www.times-standard.com/breakingnews/ci_20849751">Club Nightshade owner, David Howard, turns himself in on felony sexual assault charges before "grand opening" of club in Rio Dell is cancelled - Times Standard

6.13.12 a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.13.12DrugArrestCarlotta.pdf">Marijuana bust in Carlotta leads to arrest of Dennis Boeckmann, Michael Malonea href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.13.12DrugArrestCarlotta.pdf">

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.13.12LostHiker.pdf">Successful search and rescue for lost hiker

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.12.12MarijuanaInvestigation.pdf">Arrest in Reno leads back to marijuana grow and hash lab in Arcata

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.12.12MatthewRobertWilliamsWantedSuspect.pdf">Matthew Robert Williams wanted after high speed chase on Elk River Rd.

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.12.12ChristianHernandezDrugArrest.pdf">Christian Paige Hernandez arrested for drugs, felony warrant

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/EurekaPoliceDepartment/6.12.12LiquorStoreRobbery.pdf">Liquor store robbery in Eureka

6.9.12 a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.9.12Burglary.pdf">Burglary at Redwood Acres stablea href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.9.12Burglary.pdf">

a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/EurekaPoliceDepartment/6.9.12WellsFargoBankRobbery.pdf">Wells Fargo Bank robbed, John O'Neill taken into custody

6.8.12a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/HumboldtCountySheriff/6.8.12PalcoPHarmacyinScotiaRobbedatGunpoint.pdf"> Palco Pharmacy in Scotia robbed at gunpoint more!!!

6.7.12 a href="http://www.riodelltimes.com/LostCoast4x4s/6.7.12LostCoast4x413thAnnualEelRiverBarCleanup.pdf">Lost Coast 4x4's - 13th annual Eel river bar cleanup

Abbie Lynn Keafer arrested for meth & marijuana sales near Bayshore Mall

Nicole Jackman, William Bell arrested after grow houses busted on Cedar Street Eureka

Former CEO of Pegasus Wireless sentenced to 21 years for his role in securities fraud scheme

Oakley resident sentenced to 41 months in prison for conspiring to file false tax returns

Richmond woman charged with social security fraud identity theft, and tax crimes

6.6.12 Final election results for street improvement bond fail 62.26% for and 37.74% against (66% required to pass)

Humboldt County election results

6.5.12 Early results show street improvement bond measure with 62.85% approval based on absentee ballots - unofficial tally of cast ballots shows 172 for and 107 against (62.21%) - measure requires 66% approval to pass

Stephen Wilson arrested for marijuana cultivation at residence on Humboldt Hill

City Council meeting tonight 6:00pm study session re. HWMA; 6:30pm public meeting Agenda

Don't forget to VOTE! Important local issues hang in the balance

6.2.12 Matthew Dilley arrested for robbery and assault, Stephen Edwards still sought

Louis Mitchell wanted for attempted murder on Mitchell Hill Rd. Weitchpec

Large marijuana operation busted in Kneeland, John Anderson and Patrick Dempsey arrested

Federal suit filed against Humboldt County after urgency ordinance passed

Marijuana grow found in empty residence on Landis Rd. McKinleyville


5.30.12 Major burglary in Ferndale

Back in Action owner, Darrell Slape, convicted of sexual battery

Skeletal remains identified as missing Eureka resident Charlene Rosser

Fortuna Farmer's Market Grand Opening June 5th

Brian Cole Fiore convicted of murder and attempted murder of police officers, faces life in prison

Death investigation initiated regarding woman found along Hwy 101 near Big Lagoon

$21 million real estate fraud scheme targeting seniors results in arrests

5.28.12 Memorial Day 2012: Honor and Remember

5.27.12 City Council special meeting Tuesday May 29th closed door 6:00pm; open session at some point after that. Closed door meeting with legal counsel re. lawsuit Wolff v. City of Rio Dell to force the release of public records. See Freedom of Information Act for the ongoing saga as well as Community Events for a discussion of the issues. Agenda includes purchase of portable camera inspection system for sewer/water lines, receipt of draft operating budget, etc.

Community events updated!

5.25.12 Brian Fleming arrested with 3 ounces meth, 9 firearms at Eureka motel

Arcata lawsuit targets ban against pan handling of any kind

5.17.12 Joel Abraham Guevara arrested for drug sales at residence on N St., over $13,000 seized

Abandoned dog, owner sought

5.15.12 Mongols motorcycle gang member sentenced to life in prison for murdering president of San Francisco Hells Angels

On May 14, 2012, Martin Salvador Alvarado, 30, of Pico Rivera, California, pleaded guilty to a series of assaults perpetrated on the Humboldt State University Campus in 2010 More!!!

Christopher Edwin Roman, Christinia Michelle Senzig busted with 863 marijuana plants, 53 pounds of dried marijuana, LSD, explosive type devices in residence, More!!!

5.14.12 Leon Bigleggins pleads guilty to manslaughter in the death of 4 year old Dylan Blount-Chambers

Arlen Troy Brown, Jedediah Charles Hiller arrested for burglary and possession of stolen property

Lise Eileen Kaufman arrested for burglary in McKinleyville

5.13.12 Happy Mother's Day!

City Council meeting Tuesday May 13th 6:30pm; budget study session scheduled for sometime between 5:00-6:30pm. Closed session re. two pending lawsuits-Micheli v. City of Rio Dell, Steven and Sharon Wolff v. City of Rio Dell at 5:00pm. Agenda packet

5.9.12 Kelly Byrns arrested in stolen vehicle after pursuit

5.7.12 Floyd Bowen arrested after stabbing son in Loleta

Public help needed to find missing and possibly injured dog near Rio Dell

5.6.12 Community Events updated! Includes an officer shooting last night and update on the Wolff v. City of Rio Dell suit which has taken a major step forward.

5.5.12 California's emerald triangle pot market hits rock bottom - Sacramento Bee

5.4.12 Rio Dell resident Ivan Ramiriez found dead in a shooting incident that is believe to be a drug deal gone bad. More!!! -The Modesto Bee

5.3.12 The 5.1.12 meeting is online! Includes announcement of pending records release in Wolff v. City of Rio Dell suit (stay tuned), approval of Wildwood Ave. streetscape redesign project, etc.


4.30.12 Public safety bulletin-suspicious male approaching children walking to school

No charges to be filed in death of Kenneth Newell

Co-founder and former CEO of tech company sentenced to 22 years for $30 million fraud scheme

4.28.12 City Council meeting Tuesday May 1st 6:30pm Agenda - includes final approval of Wildwood Ave. redesign project, increase to pet license fees, etc. Closed door meeting with legal counsel re. lawsuit Wolff v. City of Rio Dell to force the release of public records. See Freedom of Information Act for the ongoing saga as well as Community Events for a discussion of the issues.

4.27.12 Flyer re. $2.8 mil. bond for Rio Dell street paving project meeting times - bond measure will appear on the June 5th ballot

4.26.12 Garett Nasalroad arrested after commercial marijuana grow busted in Fieldbrook

Eleanor Bettes, Mingo Gaitan arrested for heroin sales at apartment on 5th St.

Adoption fees reduced for pit bull and pit bull mix dogs at county shelter this month

4.25.12 Stolen credit cards used at Target, three suspects sought

Ryan Engebretson arrested after hit and run, assaulting police, resisting arrest etc.

4.24.12 The April 17th city council meeting Part 2 is now online!

Residence in McKinleyville busted for marijuana cloning operation

Large marijuana grow found on Humboldt Redwoods Company property near Dyerville

Multiple river rescues in Humboldt County

Drug arrest after routine traffic stop

Robert Cree arrested after bizarre behavior in Garberville

Attorney sentenced to prison for multi-million dollar ponzi scheme

4.22.12 The April 17th city council meeting Part 1 is online! Includes discussion of Wildwood Ave. streetscape redesign project

4.21.12 Coast Central Credit Union at the Bayshore Mall robbed

Disturbance at Seaview Healthcare Facility, Kevin Healy arrested

Warrant suspect, Larry Cook Jr., arrested after trying to flee from officer

Illegal immigrant sentenced to 200 months in four pound methamphetamine deal during sting

4.20.12 Marijuana investigation leads to arrest of Michael Kus

3rd St. drug house investigation results in multiple arrests and child endangerment charges

4.19.12 Arrest in Reno leads to Greenwood Heights marijuana grow

4.17.12 City council votes to spend taxpayer money fighting to keep public records hidden - see the ongoing saga for public records here. The city votes to hire an outside law firm to prevent disclosure at all costs. Stay tuned...

Multiple arrests in prostitution sting at Blue Lake Casino

4.13.12 City Council meeting Tuesday April 17th 6:30pm Agenda - Includes closed door meeting with legal counsel re. lawsuit Wolff v. City of Rio Dell to force the release of public records. See Freedom of Information Act for the ongoing saga as well as Community Events for a discussion of the issues. City manager Ron Henrickson retiring; Jim Stretch to return as City Manager part-time June 4th (if approved) at $52,241 + benefits Agenda packet contains employment agreement.

4.11.12 William Byron, owner of The Herb Center dispensary, arrested in DOJ bust

Meth, heroin, pills found after EPD serves warrant on Harris St. residence

Charges dropped against owner of Fernbridge Cafe' and Market, Steven Sterback

Jacob Steele sentenced for murder of Jerry George

4.9.12 Special meeting tomorrow night for final redesign plan of Wildwood Ave. streetscape - last chance to express your opinion on the drastic changes planned!

Search and rescue successful for lost hikers

Damon Stockton, Joshua Ward cited for furnishing alcohol to minors


4.4.12 Wildwood Ave. streetscape redesign project final meeting Tues. Apr. 10th 6:30pm - Flyer The project will include replacing curbside parking with center median parking and landscaping among other significant changes. Come see the design and participate in the process!

Health & Human Services rural outreach services schedule


3.31.12 City Council meeting Tuesday April 3rd 5:30 study session 6:30 regular meeting Agenda Includes closed door meeting with legal counsel re. lawsuit Wolff v. City of Rio Dell to force the release of public records. See Freedom of Information Act for the ongoing saga as well as Community Events for a discussion of the issues. Study session re. Wildwood Ave. streetscape redesign. Regular meeting includes discussion of changes to animal control fee and tribal membership to HCAOG. Wildwood Days events to be expanded to the school property, approval of contracts for Wastewater project totalling over $600,000 and passage of the Animal Care and Control Ordinance on the agenda. See the council packet for documents regarding the agenda items. Agenda publichsed by city incorrectly lists the date at the top.

Traffic on Hwy 101 south of Rio Dell closed due to multiple downed trees as of 9:00pm

Dolphins pay heavy price for Deepwater oil spill - The Guardian (UK) Studies show effects of oil spill far worse than anticipated

3.30.12 James Norwood, Jennifer Crim arrested after altercation near Lord Ellis Summit

Estelle Fennell for Supervisor campaign to hold Grand Opening of headquarters

3.29.12 Marijuana investigation in McKinleyville leads to arrest of Jesse Cooke Henning and Autumn Mize

3.27.12 EPD issues public safety warning re. bottle bombs

Former San Francisco Giants manager sentenced for embezzlement

3.25.12 Armed robbery at gas station in McKinleyville

Multiple thefts reported in Samoa and Fairhaven

Estelle Fennell For Supervisor reports successful fundraising campaign

Planning Commission Wed. Mar 28th 6:30pm; review of animal control fees, fence regulations, etc.

3.23.12 CVS pharmacy agrees to pay $19.9 million for cheating CalPERS members and others - Sacramento Bee

3.21.12 Kevin Call, Courtney Battaglieri arrested on drug charges

William Joseph Farrell arrested, suspect in Coast Central Credit Union robbery

Maggie Wortmon allows voluntary manslaughter plea to stand

3.20.12 Two plead guilty in theft of credit/debit card numbers from Michaels stores

Marijuana investigation in Manila, William Thadeus Link arrested

Humboldt County Sheriff seeking citizens for SCOP program

Redwood Coast Energy Authority can help you save money on your utility bill

3.18.12 Former Blue Lake Police Chief Dave Gundersen has weapons convictions reversed on appeal due to 'instructional error'

3.17.12 City council meeting Tuesday March 20th 6:30pm regular meeting - Agenda Includes closed door meeting with legal counsel re. lawsuit Wolff v. City of Rio Dell to force the release of public records. See Freedom of Information Act for the ongoing saga as well as Community Events for a discussion of the issues.

3.15.12 Donald Lester arrested for drug transportation, confeit money

In custody death at Humboldt County Corrections

Attempted home invasion in McKinleyville results in three arrests

EPD conducts internet prostitution sting

3.14.12 Christopher Wilson arrested for meth sales at Eureka residence

Marijuana grow found at storage facility in Fortuna, investigation continues

Free Art as Business program offered

3.13.12 Happy Sunshine Week! March 11-17, 2012 Celebrating the public right to know about its government!

3.12.12 Home invasion, robbery, torture at residence on Drake Hill Rd. Fortuna

Dawnetta Carpenter arrested after altercation at Basayo Village apartments

3.9.12 Brandon Phelps arrested after probation search nets marijuana grow

3.8.12 Michael Brissette arrested after four hour standoff

3.6.12 Father & son arrested after trying to pay for motorcycle with marijuana

Tax evasion sentence of 30 months in prison for $8.8 mil. scheme

3.5.12 Two dogs rescued from Eel River in Scotia

3.3.12 City council meeting Tuesday March 6th 6:30pm regular session - Agenda Includes closed session re. 2 potential lawsuits at 5:30pm, approval of changes to sewer regulations, increase to sewer deposit ($200) for new customers, recommendation related to plastic bag ban ordinance, etc.

Two arrests after Utah drug bust leads back to Arcata residence

Estelle Fennell files candidacy papers for 2nd District Supervisor

AWOL soldier sentenced to prison for sex crimes against minor

Unlicensed tax preparer sentenced to jail for fraudulent tax returns

Two convicted of illegal prescription drug distribution online

Scientist admits economic espionage for China

Guilty plea in bank fraud, identity theft case against medical office worker

3.2.12 Humboldt County grower Mikal Wilde indicted in federal court for murder

Update! Bank accounts seized in Greenwood Heights marijuana grow bust

Michael Campbell, Cara Banducci injured in motorcycle accident on Eureka waterfront

Youth counselor sentenced to 29 years for producing child pornography

Missing person Matthew Mercer found safe


2.29.12 Three arrests after large scale marijuana grow busted near Bald Hills Rd.

Shad Sovereign, Reshawn O'Kelly arrested after attempted residential burglary in Fieldbrook

Commercial marijuana grow operation busted, Maple Creek Elementary teacher John Olsen and wife Elisabeth cited

Two indicted in $129 million ponzi scheme case

Morgan Wright of Ferndale arrested after high speed car chase

Casey Cooper arrested for burglary at Luzmila's Restaurant

Home invasion robbery in Fortuna after drug deal goes sour, Joshua Hemp arrested

President of organic fertilizer company pleads guilty to fraud, selling synthetic fertilizer to organic farms

2.27.12 Brian Balke arrested in McKinleyville for burglary

Paul and Heidi Leslie arrested for marijuana cultivation at residence on Freshwater Rd.

$25 million dollar ponzi scheme busted

2.26.12 From meth addict to Del Norte County DA, Jon Alexander has courted trouble - Sacramento Bee

2.25.12 Federal warning ends county truce with pot-growers - San Francisco Chronicle

Drug bust on Rohnerville Rd; Robert Corsaut Jr and Rachel Myers arrested

Epic court battle begins in BP oil spill disaster - The Guardian

2.24.12 Coast Central Credit Union robbed, suspect William Joseph Farrell sought

Drug bust in Stafford, David Charles Cox arrested

2.23.12 Mongols gang member convicted of murdering Hells Angels President

Humboldt County seeking nominations for child abuse prevention awards

Access Humboldt designs new youth media programs

2.22.12 Former city manager Nancy Flemming settlement agreement - original employment agreement

Community events updated!

Drug trafficking bust in Eugene Oregon leads back to McKinleyville residence

Payroll services manager charged with 29 counts of tax evasion

EPD requests public assistance to locate missing person Matthew Mercer

2.20.12 Happy Birthday George Washington! Technically, it is not Presidents' Day.

2.19.12 City Council meeting Tues. Feb. 21st 5:30pm study session 6:30 regular meeting - Agenda Study session re. animal control ordinance changes (increased fees will be on a future agenda). Regular meeting includes approval of significant increases to water deposit and reconnection fees, approval of $2.8 mil. bond to go before voters, etc. *the water deposit will be increased from $40 to $100; the sewer deposit is being raised from $30 to $200 in a future meeting.

Iran: stumbling into war - The Guardian

Federal wireless spectrum auction - Time

2.15.12 Drug arrests and seizure at two residences in Arcata

2.14.12 Jacob Charles Steele found guilty of second degree murder

HCSO applying for Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) grant

2.13.12 Boating accident in Samoa channel

Attempted home invasion robbery in Orick

Bartender, Stormy Marinella, arrested at Raggs' Rack Room in undercover investigation

Undercover operation to reduce underage drinking in Eureka results

2.11.12 Community Events Updated! Includes information about a recent letter received delaying the release of public records.

2.9.12 Home invasion robbery in Salmon Creek area

Three arrested after thefts at Humboldt Sanitation

Attorney sentenced to 7 years for investment fraud scheme

Twenty-seven arrests in drug trafficking bust

Owners of Cigarettes Cheaper! sentenced to five years for bank fraud

Arthur Jones of Hoopa pleads guilty to sales, transportation of methamphetamine

EPD issues numerous citations, arrests 5 in Old Town sweep

EPD to step-up alley parking enforcement

2.8.12 U.S. citizens charged with economic espionage and conspiracy to sell trade secrets to China

Forum in Fortuna 2nd District Congressional Debate March 1st

2.7.12 EPD adding neighborhood oriented policing investigator to POP unit

2.6.12 Maggie Wortman pleads guilty to voluntary manslaughter of her baby with meth laced breast milk

Psychologist and founder of Independent Learning Schools sentenced for child pornography

Christopher Kasavich, Charles Riley and Sean Ocampo arrested after EPD stops stolen truck

Man stabbed at Lindstrom Ave. Eureka residence, refuses to cooperate with investigation

2.4.12 City council meeting Tues. Feb. 7th 6:00pm study session 6:30pm regular meeting - includes approval of $2.8 million bond proposal for street paving project (subject to voter approval), revision of water deposit/reconnection fees, etc. The bond proposal is estimated to cost each property owner an additional $122-$215 annually.

Records request response confirming release of former city manager settlement documents - denies release of public works investigation. Continuing quest for public records can be viewed here

Drug money - Northcoast Journal Ever wonder what happens with the seized money?

2.3.12 Multi-agency gang sweep nets 15 arrests in Eureka and McKinleyville

Kidnapping, assault and robbery under Fernbridge

Jon Miller arrested for marijuana cultivation, child endangerment

Flight instructor and student injured in plane crash at Dinsmore Airport

2.2.12 Coast Central Credit Union robbed at the Bayshore Mall

Thomas Dennis Miranda and two others arrested for drug bust in Hydesville

Postal worker sentenced for embezzlement and counterfeiting


1.31.12 Nu Yang and Sarah Camilli arrested during meth sales bust

Two armed robberies at Eureka convenience store likely same suspect

Estelle Fennell for 2nd District Supervisor campaign reporting strong support from community

State to run out of cash in March without action - Sacramento Bee

1.30.12 Search and rescue team saves three hikers stranded in Shelter Cove area

Two hikers found after getting lost in the woods near College of the Redwoods

Judge blocks devastating state cuts to Medi-Cal providers - Sacramento Bee

1.28.12 Scott Boudreaux arrested for robbery in Eureka

Response to request for more information re. public records request The almost year long quest for public records continues...

ChillingEffects.org - excellent resource of First Amendment and IP rights online

1.27.12 Bust in Reno leads to arrest of Arcata resident Christina Degiovanni

1.26.12 Four year investigation into west coast drug trafficking ring nets 23 arrests in California, 20 in Seattle

Burglary averted by gun wielding pregnant resident in Fortuna

Carter Daniels arrested for theft of Native American artifacts from Blue Lake museum

1.24.12 The 1.17.12 Study Session re. $2.8 million bond proposal for 'city wide' street paving is online!

Drug bust in Hydesville, Glenna Morrison arrested

Marijuana trafficker sentenced to 10 years in jail

Local phone scams continue

1.22.12 Read H.R. 4170: Drug Importer Death Penalty Act of 1996 proposed by Newt Gingrich which imposed the death penalty for anyone caught carrying 2 ounces or more of marijuana or any controlled substance across the border.

1.21.12 Response from new city attorney regarding records request - chronology of records request here

$2.8 million dollar bond measure proposed for "city wide" street paving project - study session video coming soon Voter approval would be sought in June elections; annual property tax increase estimated to be $122-$215

1.19.12 Sheriff's department assist DOJ in multiple busts of commercial grow houses throughout Humboldt

Attempted home invasion robbery on Cedar St.

Multiple arrests for trespassing in vacant residence on "O" Street Eureka

Extreme weather shelter opens

Former Hell's Angels president sentenced in multi-million dollar mortgage fraud, money laundering scheme

1.17.12 Rio Dell Plaza project is effectively dead. City and owner unable to agree on terms. Counter offer letter from owner can be read here

!!Rio Dell Times to join internet strike Wednesday in protest of S.O.P.A and P.I.P.A!!

1.15.12 Quest for public records from Rio Dell continues - the ongoing fight for disclosure can be viewed here.

St. Joseph Health System looking to purchase troubled Victor Valley Community Hospital - California Watch

PG&E broke laws before San Bruno explosion, state finds - San Francisco Chronicle

1.14.12 City Council meeting Tues. 17th study session 6:00pm regular meeting 6:30pm Agenda Study session re. city wide bond measure for street paving. Agenda includes update to Rio Dell Plaza proposal, budget presentation, open gym basketball program, establishment of fire sprinkler connection policy, changes to the municipal code for home occupation permits, zoning and second dwelling units, etc.

Ten reasons the U.S. is no longer the land of the free - Washington Post

1.13.12 Gabriel Talamantes arrested for cocaine sales

Frank Lindberg arrested in Orick

1.12.12 EPD traffic stop nets meth, gun; Fidel Contreras arrested

Auto center manager pleads guilty to tax evasion

1.6.12 County, state and federal officers bust concentrated marijuana operation in Garberville; arrest seven

1.5.12 City council holds special closed session to negotiate a price for the proposed Rio Dell Plaza site property with owner Linda Todd. The city had offered $975,000.00 for the 20 acre site and the owner has countered.

Man stabbed during assault, Richard Myers and sister Ashley Myers arrested

Robert Benefield pleads guilty to gas station robbery

Court fine amnesty program (ends June 30, 2012)

Gov. Brown's new budget plan targets schools - Los Angeles Times

California budget would eliminate 3,000 state jobs, axes nearly 50 agencies - Sacramento Bee

1.3.12 City council meeting tonight 6:30pm - full council packet *Update-the property owner for the proposed Rio Dell Plaza site has countered the city's offer of $975,000.00. The council will consider the matter at a closed session later in the week.

Uncooperative victim shot in the back under Fernbridge

Maersk to pay $31.9 million to settle claims of inflated charges to U.S. military in Iraq, Afghanistan

1.1.12 New California car seat laws go into effect - children under 8 years old require safety seat

Humboldt County DHHS rural outreach services January schedule

2011 in review by Dave Barry - Washington Post



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